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    dicrete mathematics recurrence relation and binomial expansion HELP!!!

    1. what is the sequence Xn for n>= 0 is given by recurrence relation X0 = 0, X1 = 3, Xn+2 =Xn+1 +2Xn, n>=0. a) find X4. b) find a formula for Xn in terms of n. 2. Give the x3 Y4 term of the followwing binomial expansion: a)(x-y)7. B(x+3y)7. 3.finally , five objects are chosen from nine...
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    How to excel in Dicrete Mathematics ?

    How to excel in Discrete Mathematics ? Hi Have been studying discrete mathematics for quite some time and would like to excel in it. I would like to find from the Discrete Maths gurus on how they excel in discrete mathematics. Is there a particular link or book to reference to. Does...
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    Dicrete Probability

    Viruses reach networks by requests for communication that are identified as packets. A security system can detect them if at least one such packet is observed by a network sensor. Assume that the probability of observing a single packet sent from a new virus is .001. The virus actually sends...