1. J

    A Pair of Dice

    A pair of dice was thrown. What is the probability of getting 2 on the first die with any number on the second die OR getting any number on the first die with number 2 on the second die? My Attempt was Like this (1/6)(6/6) + (6/6)(1/6) = 0.3333 The book answer is 0.31. Where did I go wrong?
  2. S

    probability question

    Dear readers, I am writing this from the Netherlands. I'm am sorry for wrong grammar and so. Also, I have never had any courses in probability, so i do not know all the signs and their meanings in formulas. This question involves a d20 (20 sided dice). My question: how do I calculate (pls...
  3. B

    Matlab Questions - dice game

    Hi, I have the following problem and very little idea where to start! "Consider the following game: Each of two players rolls a dice and whoever rolls thehighest number (between 1 and 6 inclusive) gets 4 points, and if it is a draw, both players get2 points. The player with the highest number...
  4. H

    Throwing two dice

    Hello! Sorry for my bad english, this is translated from Swedish. "We roll two dice. We define a random variable X that is the difference between the largest and the smallest value of the two dice each roll. 1. Calculate the probability function for X. 2. Calculate the the distribution for X...
  5. M

    probability problem involving OR for rolling dice

    A problem asks what is the probability of rolling a number higher than 3 OR rolling an even number on a six sided die? The answer given is 2/3 I am totally perplexed how to solve it. I would say that the probability of rolling higher than 3 is probability 3/6 and the probability of rolling an...
  6. M

    Need help solving a probability problem involving two dice expecting at least one #

    A problem asks me if two dice are rolled together to determine the probability of rolling at least one 5. I started by sayiing that if you rolled two fives the probability would be (1/6 * 1/6) and I expect you add this number to the other probability of one die with a 5 and the other die...
  7. J

    Simple dice game

    Hi guys! Lets see if you guys can help me out with my little game. Supose there is game between player A and player B where they must take their chances with 2 dices. Dice 1, when rolled, will make Player A win 60% of the time. If player A wins it, he wins the point. Otherwise player B wins...
  8. J

    Rolling dice Conceptual Stats problem

    Three companies are applying to the casino board to become suppliers of dice to the state casinos. The board received a sample set of dice from each company and rolled each set 1000 times. They obtained the data counts given in the table below. Which company will be most likely to be...
  9. E

    Probability Problem - Rolling Dice

    Hi just wondering if someone can help me with this please. "Ten dice are rolled together. Find the probability of getting six 3's." I know that when rolling one die there is a 1/6 chance of rolling a 3 and I know that for 10 dice there is 6^10 combinations so would the answer be 1/6^10 - 1...
  10. F

    A problem related to dice

    Alex has N dices; each of them has K faces numbered from 1 to K. Now he has arranged the N dices in a line. He can rotate/flip any dice if he wants. How many ways he can set the top faces such that the summation of all the top faces equals S? Now if N, K, S are given how can I calculate the...
  11. F

    Dice: chance and odds

    I am trying to help my middle schooler with this problem: If a pair of dice is tossed once: (a) What is the chance of rolling either a 4 or 7? (b) What are the odds of rolling a total of 12?
  12. D

    Probability of getting total score (dice)

    A game is played by players taking turns to toss the dice. If a player gets 2 , 3, 4, or 5 , then it would be his score and the next player takes over. If the score is 1 or 6 , the player is given an extra toss and his score will be the sum of two scores obtained. Event A and B are defined as...
  13. D

    probability of winning when throwing the dice.

    A and B are two person whom throw a dice alternately and the first person who gets' the number '1' or '2' is the winner. Given that A throw the die first. Find the probability that (a) B wins in the first throw. (b) A wins in the second throw (C) A wins in or before the third time of his...
  14. D

    probability of throwing dice

    A pair of dice are thrown. If a die show number 6 , what is the probability of (a)another die show number 2? (b) total score for both number greater than 8 ? for part (a) , my working is 1/6 x 1/6 = 1/36 but actual ans is 2/11 for part (b), the ans is 7/11
  15. D

    possible outcomes of rolling dice

    for second group, why the set of numbers of ( 132, 152, 153, 154, 213, 214 , 215, 216, 231, .......) is not included? since they are all three different numbers. btw the ans is 56.
  16. N

    Dice rolling probability - 8d6 get at least four 4's

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to figure out how to solve this problem. Say you roll a die eight times, what is the probability that you will get at least four 4s. I know the sample size is 68 or 1 679 616 different outcomes. The probability of a four showing up on a single roll is 1/6, the...
  17. C

    Probability of dice and Chevalier de Mere's problem

    Hi, I have a few questions, I think I got pats a & b for question1, but questions 2 and 3 I'm not sure of. 1a.) Calculate the probability of at least one "6" in four rolls 1b.) Calculate the probability of obtaining at least one "double 6" in 24 rolls 2.)Two dice are rolled. Given that the...
  18. TriForce

    Dice problem

    5 regular 6 sided dice are thrown. What is the probability to get at least 4 dice with 6:es? The "at least" part is a bit tricky. Solved it. Found this video that helped me solve it. link
  19. B

    Calculating average

    Hi, I am confused and am hoping that someone can clarify the following situation: Let say I have a dice that has 800 sides. Let say I am throwing this dice 50 times. How many different outcomes am i to expect ( outcome : the side that has its face down -> not sure if 800 side dice has a face...
  20. B

    dice throwing

    Hi, I would like to calculate the probability of getting the same outcome twice when throwing two dice in the following way. First die i throw 4 times and second die 3 times. So the total sample space is S = 6^4 \times 6^3 the question is how many casaes there are that have exactly 2...