1. P

    Hasse Diagram confusion

    So the homework problem I was doing is as follows: Answer these questions for the partial order represented by this Hasse diagram. a) Find the maximal elements. b) Find the minimal elements. c)...
  2. A

    Diagram and Trig/Pre-Calc prob... really confusing...

    At a criminal trial, the witness gave the following testimony: "the defendant was 20 ft from the victim. I was 50 ft from the defendant and 75 ft from the victim when the shooting occurred, I saw the whole thing." a) Use the law of cosines to show that the testimony has errors. b) How else...
  3. J

    Please help me construct a diagram

    * Let A be the family of all subsets A of the natural numbers N where A has the following properties: A is finite and the greatest common divisor of the elements of A is 1. _Order A by set inclusion, that is X precedes Y if X is a subset of Y, and let B be the subfamily of A which consists of...
  4. S

    Boolean Algebra using venn diagram

    can someone help with this question please A = Paul is late for school B = Alan is late for school P(A)=0.24 P(AB)=0.16 P(not A or B)=0.68 a) Display the information on a venn diagram b) on a randomlly selceted day, calculate the probabilty that i) At least one of Paul or Alan is late for...
  5. N

    Hasse diagram: minimal, least, greatest

    Let S = {2,3,4,5} and consider the poset (S, <=) where <= is the divisibility relation. Which of the following is true? 1. 3 is a minimal element 2. 4 is a greatest element 3. 2 is a least element 4. Both 2 and 3 My answer: 1 In a Hasse diagram 3 and 5 are not connected to anything, and I'm...
  6. T

    Venn diagram and Probability

    Hi I am quite bad at IB Maths Probablitiy, if you guys could help that would be much appreciated. Events A and B are such that P(A) = 0.3, P(B) = 0.6 and P(A∪B) = 0.7 The values q, r, s and t represent probabilities. (a) Write down the value of t. (b) Show that r = 0.2. (c) Write down the...
  7. A

    tree diagram

    a library has five copies of a certain textbook on reserve of which two copies (1 and 2) are first printings and the other three (3,4,5) are second printings. a student examines these books in random order, stopping only when a second printing has been selected. how do you make a tree diagram...
  8. X

    How to easily retrieve operation table of group elements from this Cayley diagram?

    How can I retrieve operation table of group elements from this Cayley diagram? There's a math problem in Pinter's Abstract Algebra book on pp. 52(exercise G): Exercise: Every finite group may be represented by a diagram known as a Cayley diagram. A Cayley diagram consists of points joined by...
  9. A

    Calculate queuetime for incoming calls to callsenter

    Can I calculate the average time a calling customer will have to wait on the line until the call is answered, by using the following information; Average handle time on each call Number of agents answering Number of calls that's being offered/are coming in I would like to make a graphic...
  10. V

    4 variable Venn diagram, Please help me in solving below question

    In Shishu Vidyalaya, students study at least one of 4 subjects from Hindi, English, Science or Maths. The following additional information is known about the students in Shishu Vidyalaya Subject(s) Number of Students Hindi 54 English 77 Maths 91 Science 92 Further, it is also known that;  123...
  11. X

    What would a logic block diagram look for this Boolean function?

    f(A,B,C,D)=¬A¬B¬¬C+D+A¬C+¬B+¬D This might be tedious to describe but this is what I've worked out.My guess is that it's look like the top one is an AND gate with a not gate on the third (letter ¬¬C) "prong" into it and a not gate on it's end (ABC).Below that is a "one prong" OR gate...
  12. M

    Complex numbers - Subtraction of modulus in Argand diagram

    Hi, I am not sure if I should be posting here or on number theory, but there goes: I am supposed to show geometrically (using an Argand diagram) that, for two complex numbers z and w, |z + w| is equal or larger than |z| - |w|. It should follow the application of the triangle inequality (which...
  13. I

    Use the given diagram and information to find the height of Mount Robson

    A surveyor takes the following measurements to determine the height of Mount Robson. The points A,B, and C are all at the same elevation: 1.2 km above sea level. The point R represents the summit of the mountain. Use the given diagram and information to find the height of Mount Robson, correct...
  14. vernal

    arrow was Tilt in diagram, what i do for this problem?

    Hi. I write : \begin{tikzpicture}[auto,>=stealth'] \node (L) {$\frac{L}{Z(L)}\times \frac{L}{Z(L)}$}; \node[right=of L] (L1) {${L}^2$}; \node[below=of L] (M) {$\frac{M}{Z(M)}\times \frac{M}{Z(M)} $}; \node[below=of L1] (M1) {$M^2$}; \draw[->] (L) -- node[swap] {$\alpha \times \alpha$} (M)...
  15. M

    Help With a Diagram

    Can someone help me solve the following diagram, if at all possible... Solve for Angle: Theta Regards, - Mark
  16. N

    Finding the volume of a trapezoidal pool.

    Would someone please be kind enough to find the volume of this trapezoidal pool? http://i1006.photobucket.com/albums/af185/uppercaseo/Geometryproblem.png and please show me how you found it. Thank you in advance!
  17. vernal


    Hi . can you help me? I can't draw it: who can help me? thanks
  18. D

    Is it possible to find out the length of X in this diagram?

    Is it possible to find out the length of X in this diagram? Thanks!
  19. Z

    Probability question related to the tree diagram

    "Mike races with another cyclist, the probability that Mike wins is 0.8 when it is a rainy day, and the probability that Mike wins on a dry day is 0.3. The probability that it is a rainy day is 0.3 -Find the probability that Mike wins the race" From the example, it drew a tree diagram and...
  20. K

    Tree diagram and probability

    Need help with a tree diagram. Here is the problem: The track meet has two groups of racers in the 100m dash. The winner of each of the races will go on to the championship race. Shown are the contestants in each of the races. Race 1: Chris, Ted, Peter Race 3: Karl, Bill, Mike Make a...