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    Flexible math software that can run multiple processes together - suggestions?

    I’ve been looking for a certain type of software that can handle multiple things in the same file such as code (C or Python will do), diagrams (graphs, charts, instruments…), documentation (text editing), and mathematical functions. This format is very important for me because I need these...
  2. N

    Help interpreting the log expression in this diagram

    I'm looking at this graphic about the density of particles in Earth's atmosphere. On the right, it says "Density (log10 cm-3)." Am I correct to interpret that to mean, for example, that at an altitude of 500km, O2 has a density of approx. log104 particles per cm-3? Thx.
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    Venn Diagram and Tables word problem help!!

    I have tried this question 3 times and keep failing. Q: Find two news articles or research reports with a table similar to the ones on the second page of the attached pdf of a group activity used in my F2F sections. You are to draw a Venn Diagram to represent the data in each table. Use...
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    Bifurcation Diagram

    Hi, I just need to know whether the answer I got for the question below are correct. If there are mistakes then please help me. Cheers
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    Is There a Way to Figure This Out Without a Tree Diagram?

    You collect four shells from the beach. You know that there are only three types of shells on the beach, and these shells occur in equal amounts. How many different events are possible? Hi, is there a way to figure this out w/o a tree diagram? Like by way of an equation of formula? Thanks.
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    Venn diagram with repeated elements?

    This image is from a new GCSE textbook. I understand what is trying to be taught, but I thought Venn diagrams represented sets, and sets did no have repeated elements. Have things changed? (This is from the new Pearson Edexcel GCSE 9-1 Foundation Tier textbook p18.)
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    tree diagram (given that)

    Question the probability of a car need new brake pads is 0.3. If it does need brake pads the probability of it also needing new brake discs is 0.8. If not the probability of needing new brake discs is 0.3. Find the probability that the car needs new brake pads given it needs new brake discs...
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    Diagram Venn Question Problem

    hi guys... problem : they are 40 baby, 18 like banana, 25 like mangoes, 9 like them, how many for baby not like banana & mangoes? n{AΛB} = (n{A} + n{B}) - (n{S} - n{X}) 9 = (18 + 25) - (40 - n{X}) 9 = 43 - 40 + n{X} 9 = - 3 + n{X} 9 + 3 = n{X} = n{X} = 12 ??? i think the answer is...
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    Good morning. Can you say me, please, if the diagram is the complement of set A. If the universal set is AUB, in this case, and the instersection can exist? If A and B are disjoint, this diagram is correct? I think that in this case the intersection between A and B is the empty set, but I dont...
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    Help with Problem: t = tan(x/2) (see diagram)

    Hello, I am having trouble with this problem. Any help will be much appreciated. Use the figure to show that t = tan(θ/2) and cosθ = (1-t2)/(1+t2 ), sinθ = 2t/(1+t2).
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    Venn Diagram Mathematics

    A clasd of 41 girls takes History (H), Commerce (C) and Geography (G). The Venn Diagram shows their choice distribution. (1) Find x. (2) Find n(H U G) (3) Find n(G' n H')
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    Contour Diagram problems

    Hi, I am trying to draw counter diagrams for the following surfaces: z^2 = 2x^2 + (y+1)^2 z^2 = 2x-2y I just haven't done problems where the z term is squared before and i'm not sure how to handle it. To draw a contour map, should I just rewrite the function as z = sqrt(....) or something...
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    Argand Diagram - Complex numbers

    How would you show the sets of points for which |z - 3 - 4i| is less than or equal to 5
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    Confused regarding finding the value n in Venn diagram

    Hello everyone, I'm glad to find this forum. I'm studing IGCSE and I hope you guys can help me whenever I'm stuck in a question. When asking to get the value n in. Venn diagram they answer is usually is to count the number and not to add them but in some other question i find the answer that...
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    Finding x and y in stem-and-leaf diagram

    Hello! I've just recently came across this website due to my difficulties in solving Math questions. I'm really not good with Math but I am willing to learn and solve questions on my own, especially now that my exams are in 5 months time. Anyway, here is one of the questions on the practice...
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    cannot understand ogive diagram

    i dont understand the figure .In my book After the basic definition of cumulative frequency curve the diagram is given ,no more details regarding.The curve which is starting from origin enough to grasp the information isn't it?.Then why there are two curves named as less than and more then.Thank...
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    Differential equations: Bifurcation Diagram

    Let f(t) be a T-periodic function. Sketch the bifurcation diagram of the differential equation x'=-ax+f(t). Where a is a parameter. I got the solution x(t)=e^-at*(integral of (e^at*f(t)dt + c)). But I don't know what to do after this step.
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    Finding a simple function for a given Karnaugh diagram

    I came across one question in which the Karnaugh map for some function is given and using it, i have to find a simple function which gets mapped onto that map. My Attempt: Corresponding to every shaded square there will be a boolean expression of the form, $0000,0010,1010,..$ etc...
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    State Transition Diagram for Sequential Circuit

    Can someone help me with this state transition diagram I'm trying to draw for a sequential circuit? Here's the problem below: I've already drawn the logic diagram. Here's my attempt at the state transition diagram: Did I do it right?
  20. C

    Drawing a contour diagram

    I need help with how you would go about drawing a contour diagram for the equation z=f(x, y) = 3(x^2)+5x+2(y^2)-y+4 with contours at z=(139/24,259/24,427/24,643/24) please help me