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    Just read was some ideas with designs and styles connected with simple stunning weddi

    For anyone who is intending to have on some sort of simple weeding attire on your big event, then you definately really should chose the stunning wedding dress asap. While using the suitable simple stunning wedding dress, you might appear like some sort of fairy queen with your special day. Also...
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    nested vs crossed designs

    Hi, I understand the mechanics of the nested and crossed models for fixed and random effects, but I am having trouble initially identifying which design I should use. Does anyone have a good way of thinking and choosing the correct model, some points on distinguishing between the two? Thanks!!!
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    Different experimental designs

    How do we distinguish one experimental design such as Completely Randomized Design from the others? What are the distinguishing and salient features?
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    balanced incomplete block designs

    Can anyone help me with this please? A BIBD has blocks as given below and some missing blocks but we know that we have all the blocks containing point 3. By finding the frequency of each point and each pair of points in the known blocks complete this BIBD. A partial list of Blocks 1234...
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    balanced incomplete block designs

    Let D be a subset of Z(mod n) be a (n,k,lambda)-difference set Let D(complement) = Z(mod n)\D Prove that any non zero element of Z(mod n) occurs 2(k-lambda) times as a difference of elements, one in D and the other in D(complement)
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    Two designs to obtain estimates

    The weights of three individual objects are to be estimated. Two different designs to obtain these estimates are being considered: D1: The three objects are weighed individually, seven times each. D2: i. Each object is weighed separately once. ii. Then the objects are weighed two...