1. L

    Determining depth of percentage of sunlight beneath ocean surface

    I cannot figure out how to determine at what depth beneath the surface of the ocean that there is 1% sunlight. Here is the function: f(x) = 17(0.965)^x I keep getting 16.405 but am told that is incorrect.
  2. B

    help to find out local coordinate depth in a sphere

    hello. im looking to find the equation for hpl. I tried it with the equation of sphere but i cant get it right
  3. nycmath

    Find Rate of Change of Water Depth

    A hemispherical water tank with radius 6 meters is filled to a depth of h meters. The volume of the tank is given to be V = (1/3)pih(108-h^2), where 0 < h < 6. If water is being bumped into the tank at a rate of 3 cubic meters per minute, find the rate of change of the depth of the water when h...
  4. O

    Fluid depth and volumetric flow problem

    Hello there, I was hoping to get some help on an assignment from one or more kind souls. I have completed part a) and am happy with it, but am stuck on part b). I'm not sure how the derivative term fits in or why. If anyone could explain that and part c) (in particular why the power of m for the...
  5. S

    Depth of water in pipe (multiple choice question help)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don't know if i am m right please help!
  6. J

    Market Equilibrium Problem and Depth Problem

    I have two problems. The first one im not sure how to set up and the second one i got an answer but im not sure if its correct. 1. A fissure in the earth appeared after an earthquake. To measure it vertical depth, a stone was dropped into it and the sound of the stone's impact was heard 4.3...
  7. P

    Calculating the length of trench where 1.5m depth is exceeded

    Hi all, I am trying to write a formula in excel to calculate the length of a trench (as in to lay a pipe in the ground). Where the trench is over 1.5m deep, there needs to be wooden support to prevent the trench collapsing. I have hundereds of these trenches to analyse, so it will take too...
  8. M

    Simplicial depth rank

    Hello, I am trying to understand the procedure for making a multivariate analysis using simplicial depth. Now what I don't understand is how to get the values for the rank which are in the column r(X)(Table 1). The explanation of the equation used to get r(X)(Equation 6) and the basic procedure...
  9. M

    Weighted average for depth intervals

    I have a data set and am making vertical profiles (depth on y axis) I am averaging freshwater fractions for different water layers. Instead of doing a straight average, I need a weighted one in relation to the depth intervals. For example: Depth fAltantic 0 1 25 2 50 3 75...
  10. S

    semi circle gutter with diameter 10cm , the watersurface is at 8cm what is the depth?

    Hi I am struggling with a question Have a semi circle guttering with diameter 10cm , the watersurface is at 8cm what is the depth of the water Thanks
  11. I

    Range and Depth of Data

    My question involves finding the range and depth of data that revolves around allowance (oh hand and deficits). For instance if you have a data sheet whose cells look like this: Item Allowance On Hand excess/deficit Pencil 12 7 -5 Pen...
  12. K

    How to find the depth of a triangular prism

    How would I find the depth of a triangular prism if height is 3 and the width is 2. No volume or surface area is given. I have to figure out the volume. A similar prism has a height of 1 and width of 2/3.
  13. B

    Quadratic Functions in Depth

    Having spent some time studying quadratic equations this week and learning the various formulae to find their roots, i'm looking to get a book that would tell me more about the theory of such functions in terms of how they graph. Basically i don't just want to solve them, i want to know more...
  14. C

    change in depth of water

    A bowl is created by taking the graph y=\frac{x^4}{100} from x=0 to x=6 and revolving it around the y-axis. Milk is being poured into the bowl at a constant rate of 200 cubic feet per minute. A crack in the bowl appears when the milk reaches a depth of 5 feet, causing milk to leak out of the...
  15. R

    A fathom is a method for measuring lengths, usually reserved for measuring the depth

    A fathom is a method for measuring lengths, usually reserved for measuring the depth of water. A fathom is approximately 6 ft in length . Take the distance to the moon to be 250 000 miles, and use the approximation above to find the distance in fathoms . I try to solve : I fa = 6 ft I mi...
  16. P

    out of my depth. Can anyone help?

    Hello, I struggle with math and have a problem. I'm making a spreadsheet for work so I can easily convert one figure to another. The thing is, the two columns of data I have (24 pairs of numbers) don't run parallel on a graph. I have some learning difficulties which irritatingly enough...
  17. D

    Rate of Change: Depth of Water in a Tank

    The base of a pyramid-shaped tank is a square with sides of length 12 feet, and the vertex of the pyramid is 10 feet above the base. The tank is filled to a depth of 4 feet, and water is flowing into the tank at the rate of 2 cubic feet per minute. Find the rate of change of the depth of water...
  18. J

    Calculate depth of water in pipe if pipe radius and X-sectional area of water known?

    Does anyone have a direct solution for this problem? Consider a pipe of radius r, parially filled with water. The cross-sectional area of the water standing in the pipe is known. What is depth H of the water standing in the pipe? I've been able to solve for H using an iterative method...
  19. S

    volume of water in spherical tank funtion of depth double integral

    Please if anyone could help I would appreciate it so much A water tank is in the shape of a sphere of radius a. Find the volume of the water as a function of the depth of the water h in the tank. I think that the best way to solve it would be to use double integrals.... I cannot figure it...
  20. M

    calculate water depth rate..

    The depth of water,y in feet of water in Boston harbor is given in terms of t the number of hours since midnight by y=5+4.9cos(πt/6).Calculate the water depth at 2:00pm and also calculate the rate at which the water depth is changing at that time.