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    Recurring deposit calculation

    Can any1 pls help me to calculate recurring deposit interest with a simple calculator. recurring deposit means u deposit x amount of money every month and ur money is compounded monthly. I tried to simplify the equation but m stuck in simplifying variable with different exponents. Any other way...
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    Uneven Security Deposit calculation

    Hello, here is a real life scenario that my roommate and I are trying to determine. Roommate Z has been at apartment for 8 years and when lease was signed with new roommate C his (roommate Z's) security deposit was rolled over from previous lease by landlord. Roommate Z contributed...
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    Term deposit interest calculation.

    Hi, I've been struggling with this problem for days now. It seems really simple, but I'm having issues. Here's the problem: Bob gets paid fortnightly. He wants to save 6000 dollars in 1 year. His savings account offers 5 percent interest for 3 months maturity with a minimum of $2000 term...
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    Mortgages Deposit

    Hi all I'm trying to work out how much x is x% of. The question relates to mortgages - if I have $40,000 and the deposit required is 35% how can I work out the full amount. $40,000 is 35% of ?
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    Deposit Multiplier

    The monetary base (H) is $1000; the current ratio is 10%; Reserve ratio is 10% I need to find Total Money, Deposits, Reserves, Currency and in Loans I figured out total money by M (total money) = {(1 + Current Ratio) / (Current Ratio + Reserve Ratio)} x (monetary base) I got the answer...
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    Making a logic formula for calculating a customer's deposit.

    Hi Everyone and thanks for the help! I'm new to this forum and I don't know how i'm going to explain my problem, but i'll do my best. I'm trying to calculate how much of a deposit a customer will make depending on the sale price of an item. Here are the details: Deposit amount =...
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    Annuity problem changing deposit after 8 years

    I am totaly stuck on this problem been at it for over an hour so my search for help has guided me to this forum A young executive deposits $300 at the end of each month for 8 years and then increases the deposits. If the account earns 7.2%, compounded monthly, how much (to the nearest dollar)...