1. C

    Question on having the root of a variable in denominator

    Hi, Ive just been learning how to do some derivatives and have become stuck on a question because i think I dont understand some algebra. ok question is finding the derivative v=1/SQRT(u) d/du 1/SQRT(u)? the answers say -1/(2u)(SQRTu) I know that 1/SQRT(u) = SQRT(u)^-1 but to get u on its...
  2. B

    help with variable in denominator

    300' = (6767.384)/[64.49(n*0.9-2.8473)] I am trying to solve for n
  3. B

    integral with sqrt in denominator

    Hello! Please, what should I do with the sqrt in the denominator? \int \frac{dx}{\sqrt{2+3x-2x^2}} Please, help someone!!!! Many thanks!
  4. K

    How to integrate when the dx, the differential, is in the denominator?

    the problem is: dx \cdot y=(A-dx)dy it yields: \frac{dx}{A-dx}=\frac{dy}{y}\rightarrow \frac{A}{dx}-1=\frac{y}{dy} I know to integrate only: f(x)dx=f(y)dy Here the differentials aren't in the denominator
  5. A

    Derivative Help, what happens to the 2 in the denominator

    f(x) = x^2 -1/2 * cos(x) <~the problem solution: Multiply -1 by cos to get -cos(x) x^2 - cos(x)(1)/2 <~this two d/dx(x^2) = 2x d/dx(cos(x)(1)/2) = sin(x)*1+(-cos(x))*0 = sin(x)+0 = sin(x) d/dx (x^2 -1/2 * cos(x)) = 2x+sin(x) My question is what happened to the two in the...
  6. F

    Worst error for a rational with limited numerator and denominator values

    Hi, I have written a function in C that generates a rational which is the best approximation to an input real value. For this I used continued fraction convergents and semi-convergents. Both the numerator and denominator have maximum values. I also have a test harness that increments a real...
  7. F

    Determining the closest quotient using integer numerator and denominator

    The problem is to detemine both an integer numerator and integer denominator (both in the range 0 through 1023) for a quotient that matches a target value as closely as possible. For a simple example the target value may be 0.595. In this case a denominator of 595 and numerator of 1000 would...
  8. I

    Fraction inequality denominator 0 rule?

    -x+8 ----- (greater than or equal) 0 x-7 Do the problem I get x=8 and x=7 I graph it, and test it, and am wondering what exactly is the rule for when to put () or [] My understanding is that since it is a (greater than or equal) sign it should be [] But, the answer states it is (7,8] and Im...
  9. M

    Inquality with absoloute value in denominator.

    6x2+13x-5 ------------ < 0 |5x3-10| I tried to do this with cases, but everything seems wrong, help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. D

    Rationalize the Denominator

    I can't seem to solve this one. I tried reversing the signs, which didn't work for me. How do I solve this one?
  11. B

    Inequalities: Variable in Denominator both sides

    Please tell me how this question will be solved 1/(x+2) > 3/(x-3) answer: (-9/2, -2) U (3,+infinity) Though i know the answer but i dont how how will get it Thanx
  12. S

    Limit Help with absolute value in the denominator

    what is the limit as x--> - infinity of √(4x²-1)/ 7 - lxl I don't understand how to treat absolute value of x in the denominator. I assume this would be indetirminate as you end up with neg inf./inf so I would have to take the derivitive (l'hospital's rule) of the top and bottom the top...
  13. M

    Help reading functions with denominator

    I've been having issues seeing functions that have denominators. I have few issues understanding most regular functions and how they are manipulated but in my effort to return to school I have missed out on understanding functions when combined with a denominator. For example...
  14. R

    Integral with trig function in denominator

    Another seemingly simple integral I am going blank on: \int \frac{1}{cosx-1}\,dx I really appreciate any help! I have tried different things but none of them seem to work.
  15. purplec16

    Rationalize the denominator

  16. S

    Calculating percentage 'uplift' by adding/subtracting to/from numerator/denominator

    Hi folks, I hope someone might be able to help me with this one. At work, we calculate a number of measures as simple percentages, and refer to 'uplift' as an amount of effort required to increase percentage by 1%. For example, if we achieved a target for 7500 out of 10000 items then we...
  17. J

    Rationalizing denominator

    Hi, I need some help in determining how the following equation develops from this: T= 2 Pi r / (Sq. root of r X g) to: T= 2 Pi X (sq root r/g). How do we get the quantity (Sq. root r X g) in the denominator to (Sq. root r/g) in the numerator? I multiplied the numerator and denominator of the...
  18. L

    Why do we rationalize the denominator?

    Why do we rationalize the denominator?
  19. T

    Denominator for MSE Calculation for regression problems

    Can someone please help me with what the proper denominator should be for the MSE (mean squared error) for a regression? My textbook, everything I read online, and the Excel regression output indicate it should be "n-p-1" (n being number of observations and p being number of independent...
  20. C

    Rationalizing the denominator of a radical fraction

    This is for my trigonometry class but it's only a small portion of a bigger problem so I'm posting it here. Here is a picture of my issue: How can I get that final answer? I know to rationalize a denominator I have to multiply both sides by the bottom radical, but...