1. C

    Determine all the possible value of x where 0 deg <= x <= 360 deg.

    How to solve this question? cos x cos 200 + sin x sin 200 = square root 3/2.
  2. rcs

    cos 1 deg. + cos 3 deg. + cos 5 deg.+ ... + cos 177 deg. + cos 179 deg.

    Can anybody Find the sum of cos 1 deg. + cos 3 deg. + cos 5 deg.+ ... + cos 177 deg. + cos 179 deg.
  3. R

    How we know the answer of tan-1 of polar will be system Deg or rad

    Hi How we know the answer of tan-1 of polar will be Deg or rad in calcolator because i see in some questions the solving was Deg and anthor by rad for example (write in polar) 1) -8 + 5i ----- > here we use rad to find tan-1 2) -3 - 5i ------> here we use deg to find tan-1...
  4. P

    Worked solution provided, but why is z = 360 deg rejected?

    Can any kind soul help me in the below? Find z between 0 and 360 degrees which satisfy the equation. 1. sec^2 z = 4 sec z - 3 Answer: sec^2 z = 4 sec z - 3 sec^2 z - 4 sec z + 3 = 0 (sec z - 3)( sec z - 1) = 0 sec z = 3 or sec z = 1 cos z = 1/3 or cos z = 1 z = 70.5 deg, z = 0, 360...
  5. sfspitfire23

    Polynomial deg Q

    How does my proof look? We show that deg(f(x)+g(x))\leq max(deg (f(x)),deg (g(x)). Let \mathbb{Q} be a polynomial ring. It will be the set of all polynomial functions f(x)=a_0+a_1x+a_2x^2+\cdots +a_nx^n, a_i\in \mathbb{Q}. If a_n\neq 0 then we say n=deg(f(x)). When adding polynomials we see...
  6. S

    what direction to walk to make slope 26.6 deg

    there is a 45 degree hill, z is up, y is north (the hill is sloped towards north), and x is east (hill is parallel to east). What direction should a hiker move so that the slope is 1/2 (i.e. 26.6 degrees)? Intuitively I'd say the vector <1,1> because that's in between 45 degrees and zero
  7. L

    Help! sketching 3rd deg. equation?

    ** This is seriously my 7th time creating this thread, please excuse my hastiness** Hey there everyone, I would love for someone to help me out with this problem ASAP. Ive looked through my math book for the sugested method to do this based on example but I couldn't find it. Sketch f(x)...
  8. H

    3D Trig - Two 45 Deg Elbow At Differing Hts

    I have attached two images showing my problem. I have two pipes, each with a 45 Deg elbow. >The pipes are at different heights (H). > The Pipes do not slope. >The height of the pipes is known and the angle between the pipes is known. >The elbows can be positioned anywhere along the...
  9. I

    Proving sin 15 deg

    Hello! Need help on this problem prove that sin 15deg = (sqrt(6) - sqrt(2)) / 4 using sinC= sinA cosB + cosA sinB sinB= sinA cosC + cosA sinC sinA= sinB cosC + cosB sinC Hoping for your attention!=)
  10. T

    Deg of polynomials

    Let A \in R[x] have degree n \geq 0 and let B \in R[x] have degree at least 1. Prove that if the leading coefficient of B is a unit of R, then there exist unique polynomials Q_0,Q_1,...,Q_n \in R[x] such that deg Q_i < deg B for all i and A = Q_0+Q_1B+...+Q_nB^n. I'm a bit threw off...
  11. J

    x in deg. and rad. in terms of sin

    Hi I need help with the following please? Find X in radians, in terns of pi: sin x = 1/radical 2 Fine X in degrees, to nearest tenth: sin x = .35 THANK YOU