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    Defferential equation

    Hello, I was trying to solve the following defferential equation and stuck after the homogeneous solution. The equation is un = 2√2un−1 − 4un−2 + √2n u0 = 5, u1 = √2; My Way I tried is 1st, characteristic polynomial x^2-4x+2√2, Then the homogeneous general solution...
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    Problem in defferential equation

    1. Find the general solution of linear differential equation dy/dx – y/(x+1) = x 2. Given that (x) dy/dx – 2y = x^3 ln x, find y in terms of x such that y=2 at x=1. Please help me to solve these.
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    defferential equation or physics

    a long very smooth board is inclined at an angle of 10 degrees with the horizontal.A 10 kg. weights starts from rest 10 meter from the bottom of the board and slides downward under the action of gravity alone. a.)find how long it will take the weight to reach the bottom of the board and with...