1. I

    Decimal Subtraction

    (The question) a. 123.8 - 39.21 Step 1. 123 - 39 = 84 (correct) Step 2. 8 - 21 = -13 (which was wrong) Final Answer = 84.-13 (Final answer wrong.) The correct answer was 84.59 How does it equal 84.59?
  2. I

    12.3% of $196 (Decimal and Percentage)

    I'm not too sure what the question means; "Calculate (to 2 decimal places if necessary.) a. 12.3% of $196 How would you work out this sum?
  3. alexmahone

    Strings of three decimal digits

    How many strings of three decimal digits have exactly two digits that are 4s? Solution: 44x - 9 strings 4x4 - 9 strings x44 - 9 strings Total: 27 strings I get that. But what is wrong with this line of reasoning? I have two 4s with me. I have 3 positions for the first one and 2 for the...
  4. D

    decimal fraction

    if 547.527/0.0082 = x, then the value of 547527/82
  5. W

    5 th grade math - decimal multiplication using models

    Hi, This might seem a silly question to you all Math experts. I am having problem understanding the logic here. I understood the process of multiplying decimals using grid. Here's the question: The distance from Charlene's house to her school is 0.8 miles. Charlene rides her bike 7 tenth of...
  6. A

    decimal exponents

    HI; Just need to know how to tackle expressions like this 3^1.2 what I did was 3^(12/10) = 3^(6/5) = 5root3^6. Thanks.
  7. K

    Quadratic equation= Quadratic formula answer as decimal ??

    So I've been self studying algebra 2 along with reading calculus for dummies lol, and I've recently taught myself completing the square as well as the quadratic formula, but this particular problem wants me to give two decimal answers I can't seem to find myself at. 3j2 + 8j – 2 = 0. The...
  8. C

    P.M.F. with Decimal Expansion

    Define the random variable Y on [0, 1] as follows. Pick a number y at random, and take its nth root. Let Y be the first digit in the decimal expansion of y1/n. E.g., Y = 3 when y1/n is in [.3, .4), etc. Find the probability mass function P(Y = k); k = 0,...,9. First of all, I'm confused...
  9. N

    Leading digit in decimal notation

    Hello! I have this problem: How many of the numbers 2^m, for 0<=m<=M, have leading digit 1 in decimal notation?
  10. L

    The range of numbers of an n-bit cell in general?

    With unsigned binary representation, what is the range of numbers as written in binary and in decimal for the following cells? (e)an n-bit cell in general This problem comes from the Computer Systems by Warford book if that helps. I don't know how to write it. I know for example a three bit...
  11. S

    Endless decimal representations

    Hi. I'm studing floating point representation of binary numbers, and it made me notice something. Well, actually, I noticed it before of course, but it never occurred to me to ask about it up until now: There are some numbers, rational numbers, that can be presented in a finite decimal...
  12. J

    exponents with a decimal pount

    When I try to input something like 32^(1.4) into LaTeX it comes out like 32^1.4 How do I get it to post in the correct format? thanks!
  13. T

    missing digits in decimal expansion

    Are there any interesting irrational numbers whose decimal expansions have no 9s in them. Certainly one can construct such a number (take the square root of two in base 9. The onlydidgits will be 0-8. Then declare it to be in base 10. The number will still be irrational, and will only have...
  14. H

    MATH HELP: Converting Fraction to Decimal

    Hey guys! I really need help with converting fraction to decimal. I don't really hate math or this topic. I'm just not good at it. So, it's my first time here and I don't have much time.PLEASE HELP ME ANSWER THESE. 1. 25/322. 51/643. 20/304. 13/18That's it. PLEASE ANSWER THESE FOR ME.I love you all.
  15. L

    Write the bit pattern for the decimal value

    Assuming a three-bit exponent field and a four-bit significand, write the bit pattern for the following decimal values: (a) -12.5 (b) 13.0 (c) 0.43 (d) 0.1015625 Here are the answers I got for each: (a) 1 110 1010 (b) 1 110 1010 (c) 0 001 1011 (d) 0 000 1101 I don't know how...
  16. C

    Conversion from decimal to hexadecimal

    How do I convert 2,000 from decimal to hexadecimal?
  17. M

    Need help for a proof, related to decimal representation of a rational number

    The problem appears in Tom Apostol's Calculus, Volume 1, pages 31,32. This is introductory material, related to foundations of real number system. Quote: No proof is given and as often happens to me, contrary to the claim, I could not do the thing easily. So I need a proof that sup(S)=x. For...
  18. Y

    Find the sum of the following series correct to three decimal places. Explain stepsss

    Find the sum of the following series correct to three decimal places.
  19. J

    Does any real number has a unique binary decimal representation...?

    Any real number in [0,1] has a unique binary decimal representation o.b1b2b3..., where each bi is either 0 or1. Numerically, o.b1b2b3...=from1 to ∞ Σ(bn/2n) where the infinite series converge to a number in[0,1]. The question is- how does it possible for this series "to converge to a number...
  20. N

    Find the length of the curve correct to four decimal places.

    Hello, everyone! My name is Nic, I'm taking Math 230 (Calculus 3) currently and it is not going well. Former math undergraduates have told me Calc 2 is the hardest.....I strongly disagree :( So, here's where I'm at: 7. Find the length of the curve correct to four decimal places: r(t) = <t2...