1. A

    Mathematics Report - Probability - Darts

    Hello, I need some help with my maths assignment. The mission is to investigate the difficulty of achieving an outshot of 141 in a game of 501. I need help with displaying the sample space and calculating the probability of each segment. Here are the measurements given for the dartboard layout...
  2. M

    Fixture calculations for a 27 team darts league with teams sharing boards.

    Hi, firstly I apologise as I may have posted in the wrong section but couldnt find a more suitable section to post under. I am trying to find a calculation to calculate fixtures for a darts league with 27 teams. The reason this differs from a normal sport calculation is that every board has 2...
  3. Anonymous1

    Winning at darts

    Two boys take turns throwing darts at a target. Al throws first and hits with probability \frac{1}{5}. Bob throws second and hits with probability b. What value of b makes each boy have probability \frac{1}{2} of winning? What I've got: P(Al Wins) = \frac{1}{5} \sum_{i=0}^{\infty} (\frac{4}{5}...
  4. H

    Need help with a question regarding darts...

    A dartboard has two regions for earning points: 5 points and 7 points. What is the largest score that is impossible to earn? I don't understand this question at all!
  5. S

    101 in Darts

    Help cant do this quiz question could be impossible please help i'm stuck using three seperate trebles on a dart board from 1 to 20 only. the bullseye and 25 can not be used. score 101 any help would be appreciated :confused: