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    Basic probability.. Confused dad!

    Hi guys, new to the forum. Just wondered if anyone could help me with some basic probability. I used to think I was pretty good at maths, but I was recently helping my daughter with her maths homework and found I was confusing myself and questioning what I was trying to teach her.. I guess...
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    stressed dad needs help!

    Hi, I am new to the forum and need help with a question from my daughter studying first year business, can anybody supply the answer below....thanks . The weekly salary paid to employees of a small company that supplies part-time laborers averages $700 with a standard deviation of $400...
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    Dad helping son with Gr9 maths - ~ Similar Triange problem ~

    Question 4 on this piece of paper that is his homework reads... Triangle PQR ~ Triangle DEF. Determine the length of DF If PQ = 10cm, DE=5cm and PR=6cm. Now a search of the net thank you Mr Google lets me know the the tilda sign ~ appears to mean "Similar" And two triangles are similar if they...
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    Have no clue How to do this. neither does dad xD

    The median of a set of consecutive odd intergers is 138. If the greatest integer in the set is 145 what is the smallest integer in the set? I DONT KNOW :O
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    Dumb Dad Needs Help!!!

    :confused: Hi all, The older my son gets, the more stupid I feel when trying to help him with math. He is in 7th grade and here is the "Problem of the Week". Maxine has a piece of ribbon that measures 10 feet, 1 1/2 inches. She cuts it into 5 pieces. The second piece is twice as long as...
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    My dad is horrible at math

    I just figured this out now. And he's a pediatrician. He can't offer me anyhelp in this subject. I guess thats where my bad math skills came from. I have a test tommorow and I'M still not understanding FOIL or how to factor an expression such as 100b^2 + 180b + 81 into (10b+9)^2 or 4x^2 - 81y^2...
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    Dad can't solve

    The word problem (designated as algebra) reads: In his fishing boat, Nathan went downstream moving at one hour less than he went upstream the same distance. If the current is moving at 4 miles per hour, how fast can he travel on still water, if it took him three hours to make the upstream...