1. Jason76

    csc cot Power Integral

    This might accidently be a repost. \int 8 csc^{4}(x) \cot^{6}(x) dx \int 8[(csc^{2}(x))(\csc^{2}(x)) \cot^{6}(x) dx \int 8[(\cot^{2}{x} + 1)(\csc^{2}(x))(\cot^{6}(x)) dx \int 8[(\cot^{2}(x) + 1)(\csc^{2}(x))(\cot^{6}(x)) dx \int 8[(\cot^{2}(x) + 1))(\cot^{6}(x) (\csc^{2}(x)) dx - rearranged...
  2. W

    simplify csc θ tan θ sec θ

    i'm not sure if i'm doing this right csc θtan θsec θ (1/sin θ)(sin θ/coc θ)(sec θ) (1/cos θ)(sec θ) (sec θ)(sec θ) =sec θ ????? thanks!!
  3. R

    Solve on the interval [0, 2pi): 4 csc x + 6= - 2

    Solve on the interval [0, 2pi): 4 csc x + 6= - 2 Is this right below? 4csc(x) + 6 = -2 4csc(x) = -8 csc(x) = -2 sin(x) = -1/2 x = 7pi/6 , 11pi/6 The answer is D. then? Thank you!
  4. Jason76

    Derivative Problem with csc x

    y = 7xe^{x}(\csc x) y' = [(e^{x})(7x) + (7)(e^{x})](\csc x) Use product rule, but I think this thing here is wrong.
  5. sakonpure6

    Min and Max of Sec & Csc

    "Find the equation for the min , max and the asymptotes for y = csc x" I can manage finding the equation for the recurrence of the asymptotes, however when I check in my text book it says that csc x has no min or max values? I completely disagree. Am I right?
  6. S

    integral of csc x

    A question says this: Show by differentiation that ln(csc x - cot x) is an antiderivative of csc x. I think the integral of csc x is -ln(abs(csc x - cot x)). I don't know why the sign appears to be different.
  7. W

    Requiring help on graphing CSC

    The function is Y= CSC(0.5x + 3.14) Would the phase shift be pie units to the left? or pie/2 units to the left.? would the asymptotes be affected by the phase shift? if so, would i adjust the asymptotes to the new period first then adjust it to the phase shift or vice versa? Thanks sorry...
  8. R

    Help Finding the Csc

    Got stuck on this one. Looks like the missing side of the triangle works out to be 100, but I'm not sure... If the sin = 1/3, find the csc
  9. H

    Graphing csc and cot functions?

    I am having trouble graphing these functions y=cot(1-pi/2) I know the period is pi the phase shift is pi/2 But I cannot understand how to graph it the second function I am having trouble graphing is y=csc(2+pi)-3 I know the period is pi the phase shift is -pi/2 and the vertical shift is -3 But...
  10. integral

    arcsin and csc.

    What is the difference between arcsin and co-secant? \textrm{csc}=\textrm{sin}^{-1} \textrm{sin}^{-1}=\textrm{arcsin} Many threads I have read say they are equal but when I input them into a calculator I get different values.
  11. R

    Integral secant and csc

    Can someone explain to me the substiution which is made for these integrals, I never find out why, it is they just just do it, and have no reasoning, perhaps a little insight could help
  12. R

    csc (inverse sine) wave approximation

    Hi, I have here a long function (the black curve) which turns out to be quite similar to the cosecant curve (red). Does anyone have any tips on how I might "broaden out" the "basin" of my black curve so that it becomes like the red cosecant curve?
  13. M

    csc (A - B)

    If A = 45 degrees and B = arcsin(3/5), find the exact value of csc (A - B).
  14. T

    sec, csc, cot

    I know that sine generally corresponds to the "y" values of the unit circle, and cosine to the "x" values, and tangent is the "slope" of these two values...however, I've always been kind of mystified by the other three major trigonometric functions: sec, csc, cot. I know these functions can be...
  15. B

    What is csc 7pi/4?

    I've never heard of this "csc" is it a variant of cos sine...? I have searched and haven't found anything. Thanks.
  16. S

    Prove: (cosxcotx)/1-sinx - 1 = csc x

    As the title says, Prove: (cosxcotx)/1-sinx - 1 = csc x Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
  17. F

    [SOLVED] csc 540 degrees

    Hey, How do you find out Csc 540 degrees is without the use of calculator? Thanks in advance - - - - - - Page 70
  18. D

    Graphing y = csc x

    I have graphed y = csc x. I do not know what the y-intercept would be. The graph doesn't cross the y-intercept, so my hunch is that there would be no y-intercept. But one of the x-intercept coordinates passes through the y-intercept, so I don't know if I should put "undefined" for the...
  19. C

    Sec, cot, csc

    What does sec, cot and csc stand for in Trig. When you are trying to find something in degrees and pi wise. Like sec (30 degrees) * cot (45 degress sec `pi - csc (`pi/2) Is there a certain number that sec, cot, and csc stand for like sin, cos, and tan?
  20. T

    exact values.. sin, cos, tan, cot, csc, sec...

    Is there anywhere on the web I can find a chart of the exact values (in fractions, square roots) for sin, cos, tan, sec, csc, cot values...? all in degrees... cot (-150) sec (-330) csc (-210) sec (-450) csc (-675) sec (315) sin (-120) cos (-90)...