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    Sample size needed to create bell curve

    Hello again, My boss has looked at my assessment data for my class of thirty children and is querying the accuracy of my data, because my data, when she plots it on a graph, doesn't form a bell curve, unlike the data submitted by my colleagues. I'd like to argue the point that such a...
  2. L

    Find All Values of "A" That Create No Solution for "X"

    Hello everybody! These two problems have been boggling me for awhile now: #1)1/(1+1/x) = a Find all values of "a" that yield no solution for "x" #2)(6x-a)/(x-3) = 3 Find all values of "a" that yield no solution for "x" I'm unsure of how to solve for this type of...
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    Wanted: Online / Free Software Calculator For Limit Formulas. Create Tables-Graphs

    Can you advise of a website or free software application where I can access a scientific calculator the capability to solve a function such as f(x) = (x^2 -1) / (ln x + x+1 ) where I can enter the function and then enter any variable for x, without having to re-enter the function each time...
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    Help needed to create a weighting value

    Hi There, I have a problem were I have 3 components and in total all three components are comprised to create a unit value of 1. Each component has a different value (which is dynamic and can grow or decrease at any point in time) and I would like to apply a weighting to each component based...
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    Create a 3D voxel image out of an math function

    Hey! I have an equation F(a,b) = ( X(a,b), Y(a,b), Z(a,b) ) and i want to create a 3D voxel image out of it ( like this ). Therefore i create a new empty image and run through it. For every voxel i check if i'm inside or outside of the object that the equation F(a,b) describes. There is my...
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    Create a randon normal variable under a conditon

    How can you make a Randon Normal variable, X under the condition that a<X<b? In my case it takes very long to calcute it using a while loop. (Calculating again and again if X does not fulfill the condition) (In my code it at least takes 5 minutes, maybe longer because I stopped Matlab.) Please...
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    Create a decomposition of functions

    Decomposing a function as a composition Find f(x) and g(x) such that h(x)=(fog)(x) h(x)=x2-3x/square root of x+5 I tried to do it but I do not think is right. this is the answer I get: f(x)= x2-3x g(x)= 1/square root of x+5
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    TI-nspire CX calculator - how to create basic geometry shapes on the scratchpad

    I recently bought a TI-nspire CX calculator. I've found all kinds of useful help on how to manipulate geometric shapes in a graphing document or the scratchpad. However, I haven't had any success in learning how to create or graph basic shapes myself. I'd appreciate help on how to plot a...
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    Create expressions #2

    Hey guys, the task: Create four expressions that, when simplified using the exponent laws, are equal to 4x^6. 1. Product Law = (4x^2) (x^4) = 4x^6 2. Quotient Law = 16x^8 ------ 4x^2 = 4x^6 3. Power of a Power Law = (2x^3)^2 = 4x^6 Is there any chance to create an expression for 4x^6 with...
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    Create expressions

    Hi guys, the task: Create four expressions that, when simplified using the exponent laws, are equal to 4x^6 Each expression should use at least one different exponent law. State which law(s) must be used to simplify each expression. Could somebody help me with that task and explain how to...
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    MATLAB - How to create power spectral density from fft (fourier transform)

    Hi All, My first post on this forum – apologies if it’s a basic one! - I am by no means a mathematician (my background is in biomechanics). I would like to use MATLAB to plot power spectral density of force platforms traces from various impacts. Using the fft function, so far I have this...
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    I'm looking for an equation to create a graph.

    I need a function whose graph will approach negative infinity along the y-axis approaching a limit of a given value x while the other end of the graph approaches negative infinity along the x-axis while approaching a given value y. Thus the graph would look rather like an L rotated 180 degrees...
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    help to create formula for finished product ingredients

    I hope this is the correct forum, if not I will move it to the correct on if someone will point it out I have a finished liquid chemical product in a 55gal drum weighing 450lbs made up of 3 ingredients. These ingredients are stored in 5 gal buckets weighing 40 lbs each. In order to make 1...
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    Can someone help me create an equation for this word problem?

    Last year, Craig weighed 9 times the amount his baby daughter weighed. Since that time,Craig went on a diet and lost 18 pounds, while his daughter, now a toddler, gained 8 pounds.How much does Craig weigh now, if he is now only 6 times his daughter’s current weight? Thanks guys!
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    Create sum expression from algebraic expression

    Hello, I am trying to create a summation equation from this algebra equation, would it be possible? x+2x+3x+4x+5x+6x+7x+8x+9x+10x+11x If so can anyone help me?
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    Create a function with certain critical points

    Hello, I'm not sure how to get started on the following: Create a function F:\mathbb{R}^3 \to \mathbb{R}, whose set of critical points is all of the twisted cubic, c(t)=(t,t^2,t^3)? Thanks in advance!
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    Help to create a question

    hello, im new here... and i have a question in my studies... my teacher requested us to create a question by using numbering system like hex,bin,oct,dec and using all the base, we have to do calculation like +,-,*, and / Anyone here can help me to create a hard question? this is becoz the...
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    Find curve that has tangent and normal lines that create a triangle

    Find the implicit equation of the curve that goes through the point (3, 1) and whose tangent and normal lines always form with the x axis a triangle whose area is equal o the slope of the tangent line. Assume y` > 0 and y > 0. Hint: integral( sqrt(a^2 - u^2) / u du = sqrt(a^2-u^2) - a*ln |...
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    Create an equation

    I need to create an equation that relates heart rate to body wieght? Any suggestions?