cos or sin

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    Cos/Sin and Inclination Problems

    So I'm taking pre-calc currently and I am incredibly stumped and in a hurry on these questions. I'd love some help with a detailed step process so I can understand it. Please and thanks! 1. Sketch y= -4+2 cos3(x-pi) Explain the amplitude, period, and translations. I guess that because (y-k) is...
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    Exponential derivative (cos/sin)

    Im strugging through calc I after being away from school for 12 years, so some of the more basic functions are giving me fits. The chain rule makes sense to me, but I'm struggling with some of the more basic applications. The problem I am trying to solve is ln(x)^cosx I am just stuck on...
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    How does cos/sin affect convergence of series

    If for example i had: {sum 1, inf} cos(r+1)/r^2+1 or {sum 1, inf} sin(r^2 +1)/r^2+1 Do i try get rid of the cos/sine? if so how Or is there a general rule im missing? Thanks
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    Need help on a cos/sin explanation problem!

    Explain why the value of [costheta, sintheta) *dot* [(cos(90+theta), sin(90+theta)] is independent of theta. -- ^^ this is one of the problems I have due tomorrow. Problem is I don't even know what it's asking. independent? Are they saying that if you dot those, you can remove the theta and it...
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    cos/sin antiderivatives!

    I have a problem with the 5 in front of sin! I am trying to get the first derivative of f(x) and I have 3x^2-___cos__x. Is there supposed to be a number? Or am i second guessing myself?
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    Cos/Sin Problems

    None of the Problems can contain a Trig Identity... cos(t)=-5/6 pi<t< 3pi/t Give exact answers, do not use decimal numbers. The answer should be a fraction or an arithmetic expression. If the answer involves a square root it should be enter as sqrt; e.g. the square root of 2 should be...