1. J

    Volume of a Cylinder

    How to find the volume of a cylinder in the spherical coordinates?
  2. Y

    Triangulation patterns in .ifc file format using coordinates and indexes

    Hello, I have an .ifc format which is a CAD format, and it describes a wall in the xy plane by a set of coordinates and their corresponding indexes according to the link explanation: Explanation I am attaching a .txt where the data is divided into the coordinates in xyz space, then indexes and...
  3. K

    Find the coordinates of the point Q given these conditions...

    Given X = <-1, 2>, Y = <5, 5>, Z = <2, -1>. Q is on the segment YZ where the length of the segment YQ is double the length of the segment QZ. I'm trying to do this without calculating any lengths. Looks like something to do with a linear combination of vectors.
  4. X

    finding limit of spherical coordinates

    Calculus III - Spherical Coordinates <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/iZORz"><a href="//"></a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script> Well , i have problem of finding the limit of ρ in this question...
  5. M

    Coordinates of sin(2x)=1/2

    can some one help me with part b finding the co-ordinates of p. i tried this by letting sin 2x=1/2 but when i work out x i do not get the right answer. the right answer is (17pi/12, 1/2)
  6. J

    Need Help With Change of Variables from Cartesian to Spherical Coordinates

    Hello there! Cutting straight to the chase, I need help with the derivation best described in this video here @ 7:48: By this point in the video, Adam Beatty has already established: x=r*cos(Φ)*sin(θ) , y=r*sin(Φ)*sin(θ) , z=r*cos(θ) It also makes sense to...
  7. P

    Baricentric coordinates?

    1) AQ/QC = PBA/PBC = 2/3 OK 2) I don't know. PAB/PBC=2/3 Then ha/hb = 2/3 ...? Baricentric coordinates? How can i prove?
  8. A

    Find arc centre given end coordinates and radius

    (This is for interpreting G-Code...) I have the coordinates of the end points of an arc and its radius and I need to find the centre of the circle the arc is part of. (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) are the end points of the arc and R is the radius. This is where I have got to: I have drawn the chord of...
  9. S

    Convert these numbers into coordinates

    Hi. I'm trying to convert these numbers into coordinates (degrees-minutes-seconds). 0033785 They should start with the North coordinates of 64. I have tried everything from number sequences as PI-decimals, Eulers, Fibanacci etc, to the Periodic table and score rating in darts :-) Can anyone...
  10. K

    Kinetics in cylindrical coordinates

    I have a feeling that this may be quite an easy question but for some reason I cant figure it out so any help would be great: The aeroplane flies in a straight line at constant speed v. The radius ofits propeller is R, and the propeller turns at constant angular velocity ωin the...
  11. math951

    Polar Coordinates r=1+2cos(thetta) So, reviewing Polar coordinates today, after learning it yesterday, I see that 0 degrees = 3, so then we plot it on 3 and it makes sense, however, take for example, 210, it is -.7, yet it is graphed on the 4th quadrant , instead of the third? Why is that? I cannot grasp...
  12. N

    Polar coordinates to Cartesian coordinates

    Convert the system in the polar coordinates r'=(1-r), theta' =sin(theta/2)^2 into cartesian coordinates.
  13. K

    Tensor vector field ( Cartesian to polar coordinates) Help

    Hi I have the following question with the answer but need to know to know the steps taken to derive the solution. Q) Consider the vector field , defined on a flat 2D space of Cartesian coordinates : V (u) = ( x +y ) ( x - y ) Find the V (a) after changing to polar coordinates...
  14. B

    Equation of a Great Circle in spherical and cylindrical coordinates

    Hello! I'm having trouble solving the question: Express the equations for the great circle created by the intersection of the sphere x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = 1 and the plane x + y + z = 0 with the help of: a) spherical coordinates b) cylindrical coordinates For the a) part i know that the radius...
  15. topsquark

    Dirac Equation in Spherical Coordinates

    I just finished a surprisingly difficult task: Solving the Dirac equation for a free particle in spherical coordinates. My brain is now officially numb. I'm confident of my solution so I'm not going to post it but the solutions I get are a bit odd. Instead of a plane wave I got cos(2 \theta )...
  16. B

    Coordinates of circle center with 2 known points and radius

    Hello to anyone reading, I'm not sure if I have the correct formula, so first I will explain my end goal. I am trying to find the (x,y) coordinates of the center of a circle on a 2D plane. Let me also explain that my job mainly consists of robot programming and using 3D design software and my...
  17. B

    homogeneous coordinates

    hello everyone, i am new in the forum; i could really use some help understanding homogeneous coordinates. i pretty much know what XYZ represent in three dimensions, and i know most there is to know about matrices and vectors; the part where i am stumped is what the W represents in XYZW to...
  18. J

    Finding Coordinates

    How to do this?
  19. J

    Finding Coordinates

    find the coordinates of the point which divides the line segment from (-1,4) to (2,-3) in to ratio of 3 to 4 (two solutions) Let the points be (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) Here x1= -1 x2= 2 y1= 4 = -3 ratio of division m= 3 n= 4 The the coordinates the point which divides the...
  20. B

    Set up integral in spherical coordinates

    Setup a triple integral in spherical coordinates to find the volume of solid lying inside of the sphere, x2+y2+z2=16 and outside of the sphere x2+y2+z2=4, and inside/above the cone, z=3 sqrt(x2+y2). what come to my mind is there should 2 sets of integral that sum up to each the one from...