1. A

    convert transformed log to exponential

    Hi; Trying to convert y = -2log(base3/4)(1/2x + 4) -3 to exponential form. what I did switch x and y: x = -2log(base3/4)(1/2y + 4) - 3 add 3 to both sides: x + 3 = -2log(base3/4)(1/2y + 4) divide both side by -2: (x + 3)/-2 =...
  2. S

    Convert these numbers into coordinates

    Hi. I'm trying to convert these numbers into coordinates (degrees-minutes-seconds). 0033785 They should start with the North coordinates of 64. I have tried everything from number sequences as PI-decimals, Eulers, Fibanacci etc, to the Periodic table and score rating in darts :-) Can anyone...
  3. math951

    y^2=x^3. Convert to polar

  4. math951

    r=tan(theta) convert to rectangular form

    r=tan(theta) r^2=rtan(theta) x^2+y^2=r(y/x) .. problem... we cannot get rid of the "r" if we keep converting and squaring. x(x^2+y^2)=r*y.... x(x^2+y^2)=r*r sin(theta) x(x^2+y^2)=x^2+y^2((sin(theta)) wait a minute I did r= sin/cos therefore... r=(y/r)/(x/r) multiple r by both...
  5. K

    How to convert to first order system?

    Hello! I have to convert this equation into a first order system and then write the discrete equations for that system based on the Euler Method as explicitly as possible. Then I have to apply one step of Euler's method by hand with h=0.1. I think I can do the Euler step by myself, but am...
  6. K

    How to convert this fraction ?!?!!

    So this problem actually came up as part of an explanation within a larger discussion on inverse differential operators. Best I can tell though, this should be a really straightforward algebraic fraction transformation. Can somebody help me out? 1/(1-D/3+4(D^2)/9) = 1 + D/3 - (D^2/)3 How on...
  7. A

    convert formula

    Hi; I have this equation f(x) = -2x^2 + 7x - 4 and need to convert it to standard form and vertex form. I can convert it to vertex form i.e. -2(x - 7/4)^2 + 17/8. but how do I convert it to intercept form and do I have to convert it to vertex form first? Thanks ( not sure why I'm...
  8. dokrbb

    Convert an exponential function to an integer power of 2 times a factor...

    Hi, This question is a part of a bigger problem, but I just can't figure out this simple step(I assume it should be simple enough). So I need to transform $ 1*10^{-12} $ into an integer power of two times a factor(supposedly using the $log$ function). This number I am supposed to manipulate...
  9. F

    convert angle to position -geometrci algebra-??

    Hi, i am animate manually caracter bone where i drag the end effector bone ("hand") by the mouse and i calculate automaticaly using inverse kinematic method the other joint orientation. the issue that i use a speacial inverse kinematic called FABRIK FABRIK: A fast, iterative solver for the...
  10. H

    Convert a formula to solve the common ratio in a gemetric series

    A common formula to calculate the sum of a progressive geometric series is Sn = a1(rn-1)/r-1 where, S = sum a = initial value r = common ratio n = number of terms However, in may case I know S = sum a = initial value n = number of terms and I want to calculate the common ratio r. How can I...
  11. J

    How to convert a hyperbolic system to cartesian?

    I want to convert this system of corrdinates (see image beloow) to cartesian system. How make this?
  12. A

    convert to inverse

    Hi; I can't complete the conversion. Find the inverse of f(x) = (-4)22x-2 x = (-4)22y - 2 (first switch x and y) x/-4 = 22y – 2 (divide by -4) log2(x/-4) = log2(22y – 2) (take log base 2)...
  13. maxpancho

    Convert from spherical coordinates to rectangular

    Convert the spherical formula $ρ=\sinθ\sinϕ$ to rectangular coordinates and describe the surface defined by the formula (Hint: Multiply both sides by $ρ$.) Looks simple, but I couldn't figure it out. \begin{align*} \rho^2&=\sin\theta\sin\phi\cdot\rho\\ y&=\rho^2 \end{align*} What about the rest?
  14. L

    Convert to x=f(y)

    Hi I've got an equation: y=-log((ax+b)/(x+c)) which I need to be in the form x=f(y). I have a table of data for x and y, and values for a, b, and c. I thought this would be straightforward: y = -(log(ax+b) - log(x+c)) = log(x+c) - log(ax+b) 10^y = (x+c) - (ax+b) 10^y = x(1-a)+c-b 10^y...
  15. R

    Convert the following function...

    Convert the following function in vertex form by completing the square. y = x^2 -4x -6 I don't understand what the question is asking me to do.
  16. S

    Convert Sigma notation to the partial sum formula

    75 Σ(2n-1) _______ I get 4,888 but when i put it into wolfram alpha it says the answer is 5,264 n=20
  17. P

    Convert from cartesian to polar coordinates

    Hello Everyone, I'm new on the site and have a question that I feel is pretty basic, but I can't seem to get it right. I'm given a vector of the form A = (xx-yy). The mathematical paper I'm reading does a quick conversion to polar coordinates and the result is A=r(Theta), where (theta) is the...
  18. I

    How do I convert 7.54147813E^-4 into an integer or fraction.

    I was doing a probability tree and you have to take the probability tree like this (1/52)*(1/51)+(1/52)(1/51) = 7.54147813E^-4 They want it in integer or fraction form. They tell me the answer is 1/1326, and when I do that I get my answer 7.54147813E^-4 However, I have no idea how to arrive...
  19. L

    Convert Truth Table to Boolean AND-OR Expression

    Hello MHF. I am stuck on a problem that goes like this: Write the boolean AND-OR expression for the following: function x in Figure 10.17 I don't understand how to get a boolean expression from that truth table. Are true and false reversed for this problem meaning, True = 0 and False = 1...
  20. A

    converting inches per year into miles per hour

    Can anyone please help me out. I am trying to find out how you convert inches per year into miles per hour. My problem is 6336 in/yr = _________ ml/hr. I can go into a conversion website to find the answer but I really want to know how exactly you get the answer. The actual answer is...