1. U

    The trend continued during the next

    Cardinals vs Steelers Live Streaming
  2. J

    continued for more than

    continued for more than Oklahoma vs West Virginia Live Stream West Virginia vs Oklahoma Live Stream Missouri vs South Carolina Live Stream Michigan State vs Purdue Live Stream TCU vs Texas Live Stream Michigan vs Maryland Live Stream Wisconsin vs Iowa Live Stream Iowa vs Wisconsin Live Stream...
  3. K

    continued fraction, closest neighbours

    For setting the proper divisor/multiplier registers in a phase locked loop, I use a continued fraction expansion, which I stop if either the numerator or denominator of the fraction becomes larger than 4095. This really works well. My question is: Does any algorithm/stragegy exist, that gives me...
  4. N

    questions continued - Need help solving these.

    4. Accurate Accounting obtained a private loan of $25,000 for five years. No payments, but the loan accrued interest at the rate of 9% compounded monthly for the first 2 ½ years and then 8.25% compounded semi-annually for the remainder of the term What total amount was required to pay off the...
  5. P

    Series of continuous functions, continued

    "Letting <x> denote the fractional part of the real number x (i.e., <x> = x - floor(x)), consider the function: f(x) = \sum_{n=1}^{\infty} \frac{<nx>}{n^2}, x \in \mathbb{R} Find all discontinuities of f, and show that the form a countable dense set." OK here is what I tried: I set $a_n(x) =...
  6. D

    express number as infinite continued fraction

    \frac{11+30^{1/2}}{13} I know how to express a simple rational number as a continuous fraction and I could probably figure out how to handle the square root of 30 on its own but I'm not sure about this combination. Any tips or strategies? Thanks.
  7. T

    continued fraction expansion help, / proof

    I have attached the question I need help, question 5, and really not sure how to go about, any help / tips appreciated thank you
  8. M

    generalized continued fractions- square root calculations

    Lagrange used continued fractions to solve the thousand year old Pell's equation x^{2}-ny^{2}=1. square roots can be calculate without calculators with continued fractions sqrt(2+sqrt(-2+sqrt(20))) - sqrt(2-sqrt(-2+sqrt(20))) Generalized continued fraction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  9. U

    continued fraction

    I try to understand why by definition $[c0,c1,]=[c0,[c1,]]$ and also $[c0,c1,]=[c0,c1,...c(n-2),[c(n-1),cn]]$ . But not $[c0,c1,]=[c0,c1,[c2,]]$ for example.
  10. C

    Vectors continued

    How could I describe how vectors can be used in geometric representation such as lines, line segments and planes to someone that is math illiterate?
  11. D

    Regularized incomplete beta function + continued fraction

    Regularized beta function is the CDF of beta distribution. In ms_xls (msoffice 2010) there is a standard method BETA.DIST(x, a, b, TRUE) to calculate the CDF of beta distribution. Now the problem is, this (BETA.DIST()) giving me correct values till the point x >= (a+1) / (a+b+2) but if x < (a+1)...
  12. Greymalkin

    Fraction decomposition continued

    Decompose: {x\over {x^4-a^4}} answer is: {-{{{1\over 2a^2}x}\over {x^2+a^2}}}+{{{1\over 4a^2}\over {x-a}}+{{1\over 4a^2}\over {x+a}} I solve for b={a\over 4a^3}={1\over {4a^2}}, however i can't seem to solve for a or c.(if x=-a then -a^2 and -a makes all factors =0) I try using the quadratic...
  13. K

    Continued fraction for sqrt(e)

    Hi all, Can anyone point me towards a proof that the continued fraction expansion of sqrt(e) is [1,1,1,1,5,1,1,9,1,1,13...] (ie. a proof that the pattern continues)? I can find plenty for e itself but none for the square root. Thanks!
  14. E

    Continued fraction

    I am asked the following question.. I am not wondering the answer, but just what is being asked here. What does "tabulate the first 6 convergents" mean exactly? Does this mean just continue the pattern up to 6 terms?
  15. I

    infinite continued fraction

    Hi, I mostly know how to do a question like this if it was finite, but since it is infinite I need some help. q: express the continued fraction expansion [1,5,1,5,1,5,...] in the form \frac{a+b \sqrt{c}}{d} where a,b,c and d are integers. Thanks for any help.
  16. H

    Continued fraction expansion

    Hello everyboby. I am very new here, so please excuse me, if I'm doing something wrong. But I need your help anyway. There is a dissertation: The author has following equation there (page 41)...
  17. W

    How show continued fraction (65-sqrt(44))/37

    Please Some one give me the specific procedure . I'm confused because it's not the normal form . thanks
  18. E

    Calculating Phi (golden ratio) - continued fraction.

    My teacher told our class that the \varphi can be calculated by: 1 + \frac{1}{1 + \frac{1}{1+ \frac{1}{...}}} I don't understand how or why this works. I understand that as the denominators' continue on forever, the 1 + (fraction) changes ever so slightly. How do I go about...
  19. M

    Continued fraction.

    I edited this because I believe this is a better way to put it, but now I can't change the title with 1/(1/(c+1/d)+b)) + a = 40/31, I need to find.. a + b + c + d. However, I have no clue where to start
  20. J

    Finite Continued Fraction Question

    Show that every rational number has exactly two finite simple continued fraction expansions. (Does this have something to do with how you handle the end of the continued fraction?)