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    How to connect cubic bezier surface patches continuous upto the 2nd derivative

    Hi, Imagine that I have got 16 nodes in a 3D space, each node with its (x,y,z) coordinates. The nodes are ordered in a grid and numbered (i,j) in accordance with their position, so i\in[1,4] and j\in[1,4]. I also know that the nodes are part of a curved surface (a topological square) and that...
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    TI 89 Titanium not recognized by PC

    After I have installed OS 3.0 on my TI 89 titanium Ti Connect and the computer no longer recognized the calculator. I have tried on a different PC with Windows XP(BTW I use Vista), I reinstalled TI Connect software , deleted drivers from system32 directory manually, deleted USB devices on my PC...