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    Probability Question #1

    2. The phone lines to an airline reservation system are occupied 40% of the time. Assume that the events that the lines are occupied on successive calls are independent. Assume that 10 calls are placed to the airline. What is the expected number of calls in which the lines are all occupied
  2. M

    Finding the volume of an ellipse watermelon

    An ellipse watermelon has a major axis 28cm and minor axis 25cm. The equation of the ellipse is y = 12.5 - 12.5x/145 Find the volume using calculusJust wondering if anyone can help me out on this question! I'm not quite sure how to answer it as I keep getting an abnormally large number.Thanks!
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    Integral problem with A and c. im very confused, help would be welcomed :)

    This is the question and I'm not entirely sure where to go from here. Thanks! Assume c>0 and A>0, and compute the volume of the solid obtained by revolving the region bound by the graph of f(x)=Ax^2, the vertical line x=c, and the x-axis about the x-axis. Your answer should be in terms of A and...
  4. H

    Confused about u-substitution

    I am working with this problem, and I don't understand why I have to let u=2x2-4 instead of 4-2x2 like it originally says.
  5. B

    Confused about how to answer this question

    Dear Math helper, I am writing to you to ask for your help with my question I drew a rough sketch but i still dont know what to do after it Thank you
  6. D

    The Real Line Example Problem With Solution - Still Confused

    Example 6 I'm confused as to how they got x<1, 1<x<3, 3<x<5, and X>5. I understand coming to the final answer and setting up a sign chart, but I have no idea how looking at the question and taking the three factors and coming up with the regions from only that bit of information. Please help...
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    Basic probability.. Confused dad!

    Hi guys, new to the forum. Just wondered if anyone could help me with some basic probability. I used to think I was pretty good at maths, but I was recently helping my daughter with her maths homework and found I was confusing myself and questioning what I was trying to teach her.. I guess...
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    Confused with derivation tree

    Hi I am a bit confused by this question could someone please explain to me how I solve this, thanks.
  9. J

    A couple of questions I'm confused about

    The following are a couple of questions that I'm getting a bit confused as to how to answer them, any help is appreciated. 1) 2)
  10. V

    A little confused

    book states given ln(3x+1) h(x)e^-3x G(x) 3^x find d/DC fx+he+gx then find d/Dx x^2 (f(x) how how do I solve this? doni get the derivative to all and then add to the first problem? for second: do I get the derivative of f(X) and multiply to x^2 OR do I take derivative to x^2 before...
  11. B

    Intermediate Value Theorum - e^x - confused

    Hi, My question is to show that the equation f(x) = x-e-x^2 – that is x-e to the –x squared has a least one solution on the interval [0,2]. In the examples I have been given the Intermediate Value Theorem was used. The formula was rearranged such that: Eg f(x) = x^2 + x +1 or similar –...
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    Extremely confused. Please help on probability problem!!!

    Suppose a large set of islands have turtle populations that are approximately normally distributed with a mean population of 2100 per island and a standard deviation of 52.3. Suppose we take a simple random sample of 10 islands. a) Find the probability that at least 4 of those islands from the...
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    Confused with population mean.

    Hello, I have a problem that I do not understand very well. I was wondering if someone could explain to me what I am supposed to be doing. Here is the question and my attempts at answers. Thanks! A set of scales produces measurements of a given object that are distributed as independent...
  14. L

    Fill in the blank?? Please help!!

    Fill in the blank:If f(x) becomes arbitrarily close to a unique number L as x approaches c from either side, then the _________ of f(x) as x approaches c is L. I just do not have a clue what is supposed to be in this blank... I'm so confused? Please help me out. Thanks!!!
  15. H

    Confused about example

    Hello I am confuse about how the example got to the last 2 steps. The original problem is an example of the reduction of order when independent variable x is missing. yy''\:=\:y'^2 let: p = y' p' = y'' yp'\:=\ p^2 \int \:\frac{1}{p}p'\:=\:\int \:\frac{1}{y}...
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    Parameter question please help!!? ?

    Did i do this right?? If not, whats the right answer? Is it D? Please help thank you!!!
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    Hi Please help I'm really confused!!

    Hi! I really just don't get this question and I'm so stuck on it; i just cannot figure it out. Please help me!! Here it is: A pilot in a helicopter sights an ambulance heading toward an accident scene. He measures the angles of depression to the ambulance and the accident to be 21° and 15°...
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    I'm confused. Characteristic polynomial of degree less than n... Impossible? well...

    The characteristic polynomial of a matrix M\in \mathbb{F}^{n\times n} must be of degree n, as far as I know. Consider the following matrix M\in (\mathbb{Z}_2)^{2\times 2}: M=\begin{pmatrix}1&1&0\\1&0&0\\0&0&1\end{pmatrix} If we try to calculate its characteristic polynomial, we get...
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    I am to So Confused, Please help

    Net Total(NT), Past Due amount(PD) I currently use this PD/NeT = %overdue Example PD= 43,257 Net= 146,200 from the above I know that the amount overdue is 29.6% Question. I need a formula that would tell me how much the customer has to pay in order to be at a set %, example 17%. Keep in...
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    How should my graph look? Confused with this problem? (exponentials/graphing)

    Okay I have no idea how to solve this. Heres the problem: 1. Plot an accurate graph of function f if the domain is -5 < x < 5. Function is f (x) = 1.7^x 2. Calculate f (3.721) Show that this point is on the graph. 3. From your graph, approximately what is the value of x if f (x) = 4? 4...