1. Bernhard

    Rotman's Remarks on Modules in the Context of Chain Conditions and Compostion Series

    I am reading Joseph J. Rotman's book: Advanced Modern Algebra (AMA) and I am currently focused on Section 7.1 Chain Conditions (for modules) ... I need some help in order to gain a full understanding of some remarks made in AMA on page 526 on modules in the context of chain conditions and...
  2. G

    Compostion and chain rule

    How do i do (x^2+2x+7)^4 and find F'(x)
  3. S

    Compostion of a reflection and a translation

    Hi, I am revising for an exam and working through exercise questions for which I have been given the solutions - however there is one solution I really don't understand! We are given S a rotation about the origin anti-clockwise by theta and T a translation by b = (b1,b2). Want to find the...
  4. M

    Compostion of functions, Involving ln

    The question is: Differentiate: y=ln(8x^2+2)^4 Now, the answers in the back give: 32x/(4x^2+1) ----as the derivative. I had a problem with this Question/Answer combo... I would think that the derivative it gives would be for the function y=ln[(8x^2+2)^4] .... I believe there is a...
  5. R

    compostion of functions question - Discrete Math

    Let g: X -> Y and f: Y -> Z be functions. Justify your answer to each question below by giving either a proof or a counter example. a) If f and f o g are one-to-one, does it follow that g is one-to-one? b) If g and f o g are one-to-one, does it follow that f is one-to-one? Any help...