1. X

    A problem of algebraic complement

    Assume the matrix of order n is :A = \left(\begin{array}{ccc}a_{11}&...&a_{1n}\\...&...&...\\a_{n1}&...&a_{nn}\end{array}\right) and we have:\sum_{j=1}^{n}a_{ij} = \sum_{j=1}^{n}a_{ji} = 0,i = 1,2,...,n. show that: all the algebraic complement(the number of algebraic complements is n^{2}...
  2. F

    Orthogonal Complement

    What is Y^{\perp} if Y= span{e_1,e_2, \cdots , e_n} \subset \mathbb{l}^2, where e_j=(\delta_{ij}) ? e_1 = (1,0,0,0, \ldots) e_2 = (0,1,0,0, \ldots) etc.
  3. M

    how to show dense in Finite complement topology

    Let U be any open set in the finite complement topology on . Show that U is dense in
  4. N

    two's complement numbers

    Hello people, Here is my question: Show that a two's complement number can be converted to a representation with more bits by "sign extension". That is given an n-bit two's complement number "X". Show that the m-bit two's complement representation of "X", where "m>n" can be obtained...
  5. E

    complement of sets

    U= {a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h} A= {a, c, f, g} B= {a, e} C= {b, h} compute: \overline{C}\cap\overline{C} (the complement line is supposed to go over the whole thing but i didn't know how to do that, oops ^^) i just started discrete math so the answer might be easy, but how is it not just the empty...
  6. A

    One's Complement of a Number

    Find the one's complement representations, using bit strings of length six, of the following integers: (a) 22 (b) 31 (c) -7 (d) -19 The book only explains how but gives no examples, and our professor never covered it in class. Any help is much appreciated.
  7. S

    Linear Algebra: orthogonal complement question

    1.) Find a basis for the subspace S in R4 spanned by all solutions of x1+x2+x3-x4=0 2.) Find a basis for the orthogonal complement of S 3.) Find b1 in S and b2 in the orthogonal complement of S so that b1+b2 = b = (1,1,1,1) Please help!!
  8. A

    Orthogonal Complement Problem

    Consider the vector space nxn over , let S denote the subspace of symmetric matrices, and R denote the subspace of skew-symmetric matrices. For matrices X,Ynxn define their inner product by <X,Y>=Tr(XTY). Show that, with respect to this inner product, R=S
  9. A

    Complement Representation using Bit Strings

    Find each numbers complement representation, using bit strings of length six, of the following integers: 22, 31, -7, -19
  10. K

    Union Complement question

    I have (A intersect B)' I want an equivalent statement shown using Venn diagrams. I am lost. I know I need a Venn diagram showing A and B minus the intersection plus all of the outside. A' intersect B' gives all of outside. So how do I get outside and A and B minus the intersection?
  11. M

    Complement Rewriting: Poisson, Binomial

    In terms of Poisson and Binomial distributions, what is the complement of: * At least half * More than 1. Customers returning items to a store arrive at the customer service desk according to a Poisson process with arrival rate of 18 per 30 minute interval. The probability that an arriving...
  12. divinewisdom0218

    Mutually exclusive events and law of complement problems!

    1. In a game show, sergio is asked to draw a single ball from a box containing 50 balls numbered 1 to 50. If the ball drawn bears a prime number or multiple of 10, Sergio wins 1,000 in cash . Similarly, if Sergio draws a ball whose number is either an even number or a multiple of 5, he wins 500...
  13. S

    2s Complement

    Can someone explain 2s complement to me? I need to know the 2s complement of the following 0 0000101 1101111000. thanks
  14. J

    Set Theory-Finding the Relative Complement of Two Functions

    My question is this: How do you find the relative complement between two functions? f(x)=x+2 {3,4,5,6,7...} f1(x)=3x {3,6,9,12...} {x+2\3x} Should give you the sequence: {4,5,7,8...} Is it possible to find a new function that will predict this sequence?
  15. S

    Complement Addition

    How do you use "Complement Addition" to subtract binary, hexadecimal, and decimal numbers?
  16. T

    Complement and Supplement of an angle

    Find the measure of angle A if 5 times the complement of angle A is 150 greater than the supplement of angle A. I have this Let s be supplement and c be complement. 180-A = s 90-A= c 5c-150= s I plugged the above in. 5c-150=180-A Then plugged in my definition for c. 5(90-A) - 150 = 180 -...
  17. D

    complement rule

    In the past year, 26% of businesses in Oregon have eliminated jobs. If seven businesses in Oregon are randomly selected, what is the probability that no more than four of the slected businesses have eliminated jobs?
  18. G

    2's complement binary

    Assuming a 8-Bit number system, use the 2's complement method to perform the following arithemetic. Verify your anwsers, showing all workings. 113_{10} -98_{10} 98_{10} -113_{10} Exam tomorrow and I need to know how to do this question. Any help would be amazing. Thanks
  19. J

    Complement and Supplement Angles

    can someone verify what the complement of angle of 20 deg is. and the supplement of an angle of 3pie / 5