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    Algorithm to traverse a map (comp sci)

    Given a topographical map that lists the altitude along the direct road between any two neighboring cities, and two cities a and b, how would you develop a linear time algorithm that finds a route from a to b that minimizes the maximum altitude? Roads can be traveled in both directions. I have...
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    Mature student for Comp. Science

    Hi everyone, I'm 34 year old mature student studying a Higher Dip in I.T. (due to two recent redundancies - a change of career was needed!) AmigaNutter
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    Comp Plan Hellp!

    I am starting a new business to help provide monitoring services for parents for court appointed visitation of their children. I need to hire someone initially and guarantee him/her 20 hrs a wk @ $10/hr. I would like to set up the hiring agreement to motivate this person to bring in new...
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    Give examples of sequences;Determine which of the following series converges and comp

    A) Give examples of sequences: a) one that converges to 100 b) one that converges to 3/4 c) one that diverges Justify what you are presenting. B) Determine which of the following series converges and compute its sum: a) n=0, infinite 1/n^(1/3) b) n=0, infinite 4^n Justify your answer.
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    Should I major in Comp Sci w/ low math skills?

    Hi there. I'm 22, male, and am considering majoring in (in order of most desired): Computer Science (Calc 2 highest), Finance (Survey of Calc highest), Communication (no math). My background: finished Algebra 1.5 in Sophomore year of high school. Dropped out in Junior year and got GED...
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    comp of functions

    i cant seem to get the hold of it. Express the function in the form f g. (Use only elementary functions, but not the identity function, g(x) = x.) F(x) = cot(√x) f(x) = ? g(x) = ? f(x) = ? g(x) = ?
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    Congruent Supp. and Comp.

    HELP!!! The measure of the supp. of an angle exceeds 3 times the measure of the comp. of the angle by 10. Find he measure of the comp. I do not understand this equation, please help me to understand this and how you get the answer. :confused: