1. O

    Combining two equations

    Hi, I have two equations as follows: L is proportional to (M^6/R^7) which I have to combine with: L is proportional to M^5.5 R^-0.5 I need to end up with a relationship which has L proportional to R so that M is eliminated. My current attempt has gone along the following lines: Rearrange...
  2. W

    Combining inequalities

    1st post here. I came across this problem in a GMAT reviewer and I naturally got B, but the correct answer is listed as A. There was a brief explanation about why the answer is A: (2-x)^(1/2), but the brief explanation confused me. I realize that x>=2, but I don't see how I can use that to...
  3. S

    Combining two dependant discrete random variables

    Hi, I’m looking for a way to combine two discrete random variables (which I have as probability distributions). The combination should be the product (or other operation) of the two variables. This would be easy if they were independent, but they’re not. There is a known correlation between...
  4. iPod

    Combining Permutations

    How would you combine the permutation (3,4)(2,4)(1,2) ?
  5. R

    Simplify the follwing algebraic expression by combining indices:

    Any help appreciated....more questions coming probably so please come back to this thread :D
  6. M

    Need help Combining percentages of liquids

    So I have a question that is probably easy for many people to solve, however I cannot quite figure it out. I am trying to calculate the ABV (Alcohol by Volume) in a mixed drink recipe that I am making for the holidays. So here it goes.... I have two gallons of apple juice to which I am...
  7. R

    combining formulae so that part of the equation is removed.

    Hi I'm studying forensics and i need help understanding how to work these out.I know how to rearrange formulae I'm just having trouble applying it to these type of equations. Help would be very much appreciated The question states that I must combine the formulae so that I remove the letter in...
  8. C

    combining powers with trigonometry functions

    Hi A solution to a problem i have is; x^4.sinx+4x^3.cosx does this simplfy to sinx^5 + 12cosx^4 advice appreciated John
  9. S

    combining probabilities ?

    hi, say i know the probability of < 25.5 successes is 45% for event 1 and the probability of < 3.5 successes is 60% for event 2. how can i calculate prob of < 29 successes for event 1+2 how would i calculate prob of < 25 successes for event 1+2. sorry if i'm asking a stupid question. is it...
  10. C

    Ricatti Equations and combining integration constants.

    Im all good up until part (d). In part (c) we have a DE with constant coefficients with \lambda = 1. The general solution for w is w(x) = C_1e^x + C_2xe^x w'(x) = C_1e^x + C_2e^x + C_2xe^x Substituting the formulas for w(x) and w'(x) gives: y(x) = e^-x * (C_1e^x + C_2e^x + C_2xe^x) /...
  11. S

    Combining chained inequalities

    I've written a proof which ends with the (simplified) statement: "Statement A is true iff a<x<b OR b<x<a" This is because b is not necessarily greater than a. In plain English, "Statement A is true if and only if x is between values a and b" I wonder if there is some way of combining the...
  12. L

    Combining MLEs question

    Hi everyone, How do you find a combined MLE? As in say you are given data from three different games and you want to work out the MLE of, say, p_A, the probability that team A wins a game. Do you work out the MLEs individually from each game and then do something to them? But what? Thanks...
  13. M

    Combining Like Terms Calculator

    This calculator will take an expression without parentheses and combine like terms. Shortcut commands are included, simply enter the expression you wish to have like terms combined into the search engine such as 4x^2+9x+3x^2-6+9-8x. Multi-Variable expressions such as 5y - 9x + 6y + 3x - 7 - 8...
  14. alexgeek

    Some clarification on ranges when combining functions

    A question I just tried has me thinking about the range of a composite function: \begin{array}{lll} f: x\to x-\frac{1}{x} & [1, \infty) & [0, \infty) \\ g: x\to 3x^2 + 2 & [0, \infty) & [2, \infty) \\ \end{array} Find gf(x) = \frac{3}{x^2}+7 \begin{array}{l}...
  15. I

    Combining vectors.

    trigonometry problem Preform the indicated operation U=(-6,7), V=(-1,2), W=(-7,-5) V-(8W+7U) what are the coordinates of the answer?
  16. J

    Combining two series (Binomial Expansion)

    I've been working through this binomial question in my notes and there is one step I'm not entirely sure about. When it comes to the point of combining the two series into one I'm fairly certain what's in my notes is incorrect so I'd like to fix it. It's safe to assume that all the work up to...
  17. H

    Combining Performance Metrics

    Okay I need some help. Im trying to figure out my performance metrics, I havent been in college in a couple years & not for sure if Im doing this correct. Say an employee has a benchmark of 90% or better in a metric he exceeds his goal at 91.39%, next his benchmark is 15% or below, he also...
  18. N

    combining 2 probabilities

    I have 2 probabilities p1 is the probability that team A will score 0 goals p2 is the probability that team B will concede 0 goals how do i combine the 2 and calculate the probability of team A scoring 0 goals into team B? should the probability of A scoring 0 goals into team B not be the...
  19. P

    combining different charges to equal particular sum

    I work in Accounts Receivable. Often we receive checks for particular payments that don’t reflect total amount due on the statement. The example below shows a payment for $7871.38. Which is the sum of the following charges, $123.66, $2.36, & $7745.36. Now the challenge is figuring out what...
  20. J

    combining pdfs

    I know that you can combine two normal pdfs and result in a normal distribution with the sum of the means and similar for the standard deviation. In the case of an exponential distribution what is the procedure. In regards to waiting time where the two samples occur in succession how would i...