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    Combination lock question

    A combination lock has 60 different positions. To open the lock, the dial is turned to a certain number in the clockwise direction, then to a number in the counterclockwise direction, and finally to a third number in the clockwise direction. If successive numbers in the combination cannot be the...
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    Game Show Possibilities Problem...

    Hi Everyone, Would the following problem be a permutation, or a combination? "For a gameshow, there are 9 spots to select on a board. You get to choose 3 of them in order to try to find the grand prize. How many different ways are there to select your spots?" I think it's a permutation...
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    PLEASE HELP!! Probability of Winning Card Game With Multiple (Four) Players

    I am a tutor attempting to help a student with a probability problem for a card game they invented, but I am afraid the probability may be too complex (the student is only in pre-calculus). Here are the rules of the game: 1. There are four players in a circle. A standard 52-card deck is...
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    Permutation & Combination

    (a) 5 trucks should carry 50 boxes, but only 2 trucks are available. In how many different ways boxes can be chosen to fit in 2 trucks: - Order of boxes is important - Order of boxes is irrelevant (b) How many different arrangements are there of the letters of the word FLOWER which end in a...
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    Maximum value of combined function

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I'm currently working on 10c: I know that the equation for the function is (25+x)(20,000-750x). In terms of finding the point of maximum revenue, I'm finding a hard time doing so. When I plot this on a graph, I get very large values. The answer according to the...
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    Characteristics of combined functions

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I'm hoping that someone help me understand combined function characteristics with the following examples: 1. y=2^x-x^3 would this function not have a relative maximum at x = 0.59? Would it also have a minimum at x = 8.177? 2. y = sin(2pix) - 2sin(pix) my textbook...
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    Combination and Permutation

    The question is, "How many possible ways could you split 24 unique color balls among 3 bins such that these 3 bins gets at least 1 ball?" I've tried thinking that there were 24! permutations, and for each possibility, I can draw two "lines" in spaces between the balls and split the balls into...
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    Check My Answer - Combination Percentages

    i.) About what percent smaller is nCr(95, 43) than nCr(95, 44)? (Where n is the first number and r is the second number) ii.) About what percent larger is nCr(226, 107) than nCr(226, 106)? i.) For this I got 82.69% smaller. Let n = 95 and k = 43. Then 95*nCr(95, 44) = (95-43)*nCr(95, 43). Then...
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    No. of ways to divide 6 pairs into 3 teams so that no pairs are in the same team

    There are 6 pairs (12 people) and they must be divided into 3 teams. All teams must have 1 or more occupants. Both people from a pair must not be in the same team. I already answered a similar question, the only difference was that there were two teams instead of three. If x is the number of...
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    Permutation or Combination

    (a) A company plans to reduce its employees. If there are 7 male employees and 9 female employees, in how many ways can the manager dismiss any two male employees and one female employee? I am confused here to use Permutation or Combination. (b) A coin is tossed three times in succession, and...
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    Finding out the number of ways a bakery can give pies to the needy?

    >At the end of the day, a bakery gives everything that is unsold to food banks for the needy. If it has 12 apple pies left at the end of a given day, in how many different ways can it distribute these pies among six food banks for the needy? >How many different ways can the bakery distribute...
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    Very simple Combination problem

    I don't know why I am wrong, help will be really appreciated! A bushwalking club has 80 members, 50 men and 30 women. A committee consisting of two men and one woman is to be selected. How many different committees are possible? I did 50C2 * 30C1 =36000 However, that was wrong. Sent from my...
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    Calculations for a tennis set

    Hey guys! Have been thinking around a problem regarding calculation of a tennis set and tie breaker. Let me begin with the tennis set. Let C1 be the chance of player 1 win a tennis game, and C2 the chance of player 2 win a tennis game, both independent from each other. If the set is won by the...
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    Express a vector as a linear combination of the vectors in your orthogonal basis forT

    Regarding the two subsets of R4: S = {(1, 1, 0, −1), (1, −2, 1, 6), (1, 1, 1, 0)}, T = {(x, y, z, x − 2y + z) : x, y, z ∈ R}. Express the vector (1, 2, 0, −3) as a linear combination of the vectors in your orthogonal basis for T. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you!
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    Permutation and Combination

    1. Selecting 3 students to attend a conference is permutation or combination or cant say? 2. Assigning students to their seats on the first day of the school- Is it permutation, combination or cant say?
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    Permutation and Combination

    If the worst and the best paper never appear together, then 6 exam papers can be arranged in how many ways? Will it be 4! * 2! = 240? If not, then please explain. Sorry, i tried to edit it. But cant edit the spelling of permutation in the title.
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    Probability of Combination and Permutation

    Can someone explain the difference between the probability of combination and permutation using basic examples?
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    From where, I can find the proof of the following theorem. I have to to cite it, in my research article. Theorem: The combination "N C P-1" is the number of possibilities for P1,P2,P3,...,Pr∈ℤ⁺ such that P1+P2+P3+...+Pr=N+1.
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    combination of variable odd values

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    Combination Counts

    I am always struggling with combination counts and probability I have seen 2 formulas recently, one is (n+k-1)Cn and the other is (n-1)C(k-1) I do not know which to use where. (Worried) For instance: How many ways are there to distribute 12 identical balls into 9 different...