1. M

    Matlab and Defining colors by Z parameter

    Hello! I'm working a matlab project where I need to define a Beam X=-5 to 5 and Y=-1 to 1. I have successfully plotted that, no issue. Next I determined the strain on the object and successfully defined a third parameter, Call it Z. So Now I have a matrix of >150 rows and 3 columns. How do...
  2. Y

    chromatic colors

    I don't understand why if a graph contains two subgraphs which share one common vertex, the chromatic number of the graph is the maximum of that of the two. I understand that the chromatic number for the entire graph should be at least the larger chromatic number. But since the common vertex in...
  3. A

    I need to make an image from a matrix with these colors.

    Create a random matrix containing 1’s, 2’s and 3’s. Display the matrix using the image command, with 1=red, 2=green and 3=blue.
  4. rcs

    different colors

    a box contains 2 red, 3 white, and 4 blue balls. if the 3 balls are drawn at random w/o replacement, determine the probability that are blue and 1 is white.
  5. K

    Sultan's hats and his wise counselors

    The sultan has a collection of three different colored hats- green, red and blue. He wants to test the wiseness of his Wise Couselors, he tells them that they will have to stand in a row, where everyone can see the hats of the counselors ahead of him, but none of the counselors behind him. He...
  6. G

    probability and light colors

    Two machines, A and B, both have a light bulb on them. For machine A, the light flashes red with .8 prob and blue with .2 prob. For machine B, .2 prob red and .8 prob blue. With .5 probability you are presented with machine A or B. Your task is to observe the color of its flashes, so as to make...
  7. J

    Four colors, no back-to-backs (recursive)

    (I posted already that for-loop question from our exam, sorry if this comes out as flooding) So the question was short and clear, but I can't figure out the answer. We have four colors (blue and three others) of poker chips in a stack of n chips. In how many ways can the stack be formed so...
  8. K

    choose y balls, how many distinct colors can you get

    We have y urns of balls. In each urn, we have x balls in the same color. But balls in different urns have difference color. Now, without replacement, we draw y balls randomly. What is the chance that we drawn from z different urns or more?
  9. K


    Hello, I want to generate 11 basic colors in RGB(8bit and excluding black and white) automatically. Any pre defined algoritham is there for that or any logic. Thanks
  10. K


    How to create Color shades. For example if red color means I have to reduce the intensity gradually and i have to create minimum 5 shade colors of red. Anyone help me How to do color shades, any algorithm is there?
  11. D

    chance of picking colors in pairs.

    Hi All! I have 10 black balls and 12 white balls (mixed). The balls are randomly sorted to pairs. Q: what is the chance of picking 5 pairs with white and black balls in each and 1 pair of 2 remaining white balls? I don't have a clue how to begin solving it. Hope you can help. Thank you so...
  12. M

    One Spinner 3 Colors

    Three spinners are given: Spinner 1 has 4 sections divided by the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. Spinner 2 has three sections divided by the following colors: Red, Green and Yellow. Spinner 3 has 2 sections divided by the words Forward and Backward. (1) Spin spinner 3, then spinner 2. What is...
  13. R


    A car manufacturer offers exterior colors of white,black,blue,red and silver. The manufacturer also offers interior colors of black and silver. How many different color combinations are there?
  14. S

    Do you know your colors?

    Read the list below and say the color of the words. . . YELLOW . . BLUE . ORANGE . . .BLACK . . . RED . . GREEN . . PURPLE . ORANGE . RED . . ORANGE . GREEN . BLACK . . . BLUE . . . .RED . .PURPLE . . PURPLE . . BLUE . .GREEN