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    Determine When Coefficent of X1 should be zero

    Which of the following would not tell you that the coefficient for x1 should be zero and hence x1 should not be in the model? A. The 95% confidence interval for B1 contains zero, so x1 gives no additional contribution to explaining the variation of y above and beyond what x2 and x3 do. B. The...
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    SOLVED Cubic Spline URGENT help!

    Here is my question: In order to evaluate for , you need I wrote a program to create a table of the coefficients however im lost on how to find the coef. Here is my table: Coefficients [x a b c d] 0.9000 1.3000 0.5396 0 -0.2476 1.3000 1.5000 0.4208...
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    Complex Coefficient Polynomial Roots

    Hey I am looking for an algorithm which can be used to approximate the complex roots of a complex coefficient polynomial. Such as: (3-4j)x^4 + (1+2j)x + (-4+1) The polynomial is not of any specific order, and could be quite large. Any help would be appreciated as i am completely stuck at...
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    binomial coefficent equation.

    I was watching a video playlist on applications of binomial coefficents and at the end of one of the videos it asked me to make an equation for them. This is what I got: \begin{pmatrix} n \\ r \end{pmatrix}=\frac{1}{r!}}\prod_{i=0}^{r-1}(n-i) Reasoning: n choose r. say you have n people...
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    what is the proof that the corelation coefficent falls between -1 and 1

    what is the proof that the corelation coefficent falls between -1 and 1[RESOLVED] Why must the correlation coefficient for a straight line be -1 \leq r \leq 1
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    Rewriting expression as single log with coefficent 1

    I am rewriting the following as a single log with a coefficient of 1: ln((x^3)-1) - ln((x^2) + x + 1) Because the coefficient is already zero, I believe I need to divide the two expressions: ln ( ((x^3)-1) / ((x^2) + x + 1) ) And cancel out the ones... ln ( (x^3) / ((x^2) + x) ) This seems...
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    non homogeneous equation problem (method of undetermined coefficent)

    hi plz help me by having idea :::: what would be the particular soution y? if y"+9y=x (square). cos3x should i take y=Ax(power of 4).cos3x or what else??????????????? plz help me out
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    Correlation Coefficent & Regression Equation

    I'm having some difficulty with the following question: The following data shows expenditures (in millions of dollars) and case (sales in millions) for 7 major soft drink brands. Calculate the correlation coefficient. Is this significant at the 5% level (ie, α=.05)? Construct the regression...