1. P

    Best statistical method for choosing an element who has Multiple properties

    I am looking for the best method that allows choosing the best element from a list of elements where each one had multiple properties, My exact goal is choosing the best program (Prog01 or Prog02 ..) from a set of six programs based on their multiple properties, As shown in this Picture: To...
  2. C

    Choosing a statistical test - 3 teams before and after manager sacking

    Hello, In its most simple form I have 3 people all performing 4 trials before and after an intervention - being assessed for over 20 variables. I would like to analysis each person separately and also analyse them altogether. Need more specific info? I am looking at a football team before...
  3. R

    Choosing the Number of Components in a Principal Components Factor Analysis

    Hello I want to carry out Principal Components Factor Analysis of the set of data, Now I want to determine the number of components (factors), I have the following scree plot and the following table I do not know which is true choosing three factors or two factors? Thanks
  4. W

    Choosing an error function

    I'm new to this site, so I don't know where I'm supposed to ask this question. But here is my dilemma: I've done the Thomson experiment at UNI but we only did 8 measurements. Now we are doing an error analysis and I'm struggling with choosing between a Gauss function or just using standard...
  5. D

    Probability of 4 person choosing on 1 item

    In a sprorts quiz , each participant is required to answer an question , 2 , of which are on badminton, 3 on soccer. They are required to pick their own question randomly. for each participant, what is the probability that she will be the first to pick a question on banminton? the ans is 0.3...
  6. D

    probability of choosing 4 person

    for part b , my working is (12c2 x 18c2)/(35c4) = 0.192 thers're 12 women doctor , 2 are chosen , there're 18 male left, 2 are chosen . no condition= choose 4 person from 35 person. but the ans is 0.807
  7. D

    probability of choosing 2 items randomly

    i am having problem with part ii) a and b . i have no idea how to start. can someone please show me the working. (Hi)
  8. D

    probability of choosing both students are not boy

    A class consists of 25 boys and 15 girls . Two students are selected randomly. what is the probablity of both students are not boys? my working is (15C1 X 14C1) /(40C1 x 39C1) = 7/52 or 15/40 x 14/39 = 7/52 but the ans is 8/13
  9. D

    probability of choosing marbles

    for part iv, where does the 4c1 and 5c1 come from? the question need 3 marbles , but there's only 2 marbles are chosen based on the working. please correct me if i am wrong.
  10. Shadow236

    Choosing different committees from a class of students

    The question that I am working on follows: A class has 10 male students and 7 female students. How many ways can we choose a committee consisting of (a) 2 students from the class (b) 2 males and 1 female from the class (c) All females from the class (d) No Females I found this solution that...
  11. S

    Points inside Choosing Exceptional SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Companies

    Nearby companies recognize good enough that will beneficial SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION companies may help these find substantial targeted visitors with their websites. Having many people online as compared to ahead of, adding an individual's company online can certainly mean a big difference...
  12. S

    Combinatorics - choosing exactly k pairs from n

    Hi. I have the following combinatoric problem (well it's actually a probability problem that need to be resolved using combinatorics): There are n pairs of shoes in the closet. 2m shoes are chosen from it randomly. (m<n) find the probability to get exactly k pairs. so this is what I'm...
  13. M

    Choosing Quantities

    You have a budget of $100, and you buy only chocolate and ice cream. For every ice cream you buy 3 chocolates. Ice cream costs $2.50 per unit and chocolates cost $1.50 each. How much of each do you buy? Rational numbers allowed (i.e. decimal quantities) Please help! I'm stuck! (Crying)
  14. D

    Choosing K out of N Objects Formula Question

    I'm having trouble interpreting the formula that is "with regard to order" and "without replacement". How exactly would I compute the upper right hand formula with, for example, k=5 and n=10? Sorry for the elementary question and thanks for your time.
  15. R

    Some suggestion for choosing a research topic in game theory

    I'm a graduate major in math. Recently, I've been considering about my research topic. Having decided the area, game theory, but, with little knowledge in this theory (still learning), it's really hard to decide a specific topic to start with. Is there any suggestion or some website discussing...
  16. R

    Choosing dishes and sharing...

    Hi, Here is a problem I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around. 10 people go to a restaurant to order 10 dishes out of 50 distint dishes. If people can share the dishes among themselves then how many distinct eating experiences are possible? First of, there are 2 cases for whether...
  17. J

    Choosing axis when setting up Linear Inequality

    Hi, I have a word problem that asks to set up an inequality and find possible solutions. I am able to get the right answer but have a questions about the axis. I am setting the inequality as S <= 30-6D. When I place S on the y axis, I get the same answer as the book. However, when I flip it and...
  18. K

    Choosing the right parameters in model so that it matches real data

    Hello, I've got some data on an epidemic in various locations - the total number of agents and number killed by the infection after 1 year. -This gives gives me a distribution of percentages of the populations that have been killed by the infection. (but all the percentage values are...
  19. G

    Choosing the best dependent variable (Y)

    Hello, I'm working on a multiple regression model. The dependent variable (Y) is an ordered multinomial variable taking these values: A, B, C, D, E and F. The best value is A and the worst is F. In order to run a regression model, one needs to transform the letters (A, B, etc.) into figures. I...
  20. D

    Choosing my classes. How hard is statistics?

    I am going to take calc 3 in the spring. I am also signed up for statistics. Depending on how challenging statistics will be, I would like to take at least 1 more class. How would you gauge statistics?