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    Calculate Chi-Square p-value for X^2 = X^2_a

    Calculate Chi-Square p-value To set the stage for the question, lets examine a typical sample problem: A group of people are categorized by gender and also by political affiliation, and we wish to test the hypothesis that there is a relationship between the two categorizations...
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    A proposition regarding chi-square distribution to be proved.

    The problem seeks to prove given different degrees of freedom, a probability function depends on them have some monotonic property. As I am not majored in statistics. I failed to prove it. can anyone help me or give me some hits. Thanks in advance!
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    Chi-square integration

    "Integrate the appropriate chi-square density to find the probability that the variance of a random sample of size 5 from a normal population of sigma = 5 will fall between 20 and 30." Using S2 values of 20 and 30, respectively, I got input values for the chi-squared function of 3.2 and 4.8...
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    Statistics - Chi-Square

    Let Xi be a random variable distributed normal with mean = i and variance = i^2. Assume that the random variables X1, X2 and X3 are independent. Using these properties of X1, X2, X3: a.) give a statistic formula that has a chi-square distribution with 3 degrees of freedom. - Explain. b.)...
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    Relation between degress-of-freedom for a sum of chi-square random variables

    Relation between degrees-of-freedom for a sum of chi-square random variables Hello, everyone. Sorry, my LaTeX is working "part-time" Let X1 ~ U(0,1) X2 ~ U(0,1) X1 and X2 are independent. Now, consider x1 = 0.05 x2 = 0.05 Let: Z = \left [\chi^2_3 \right ]^{-1}\left ( 1-x_1 \right ) Y =...
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    One-tailed pearson's chi-square H1 and Ho as well as Fisher's exact test

    Hi, I have numerous chi-squares to run. A couple of the expected frequencies are less than 5 so I have decided to go with Fisher's exact test for them. I have a couple of questions pertaining to these tests. First, I am conducting a Pearson's chi-square, which I believe to be a one tailed test...
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    Help with CHI-SQUARE test and HYPOTHESIS

    I have a clinical trail where all the patients are suffering from a stroke. Half of the patients got drug and the other half got placebo. I need to assess the efficacy of the drug treatment for the entire sample by using the chi-square test in excel. I have the values if the...
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    Help with CHI-SQUARE test in Excel

    Hello, I have done in Excel Chi-Square test with the help of the function "CHITEST()" and the result (=p-value) that i got is: 2.45978E-08. I have no idea what does this number mean, so please if anyone knows and can help me to understand what this number is! Thanks :)
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    Test chi-square

    You cant solve this please!! In the telephone survey conducted last year by students results were very different, while some four scheduled interviews conducted others failed to complete any of them. The distribution of the number of interviews collected by the 57 students who...
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    help me to convolute non central chi-square with white Gaussian distribution

    Hi, I am doing research and i am stuck at this point I need help to convolute non central chi-square with white Gaussian distribution.
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    non-central chi-square distribution.

    if x1, x2, x3,...xn are independent Normal distribution with N(1,1) then x1^2+x2^2+...+xn^2 follows ..........................? distribution. and what is the no. of freedom? please tell me also the actual meaning of 'degree of freedom' means in more practical way. thank u.
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    Chi-square test.

    I have an examtomorrow with this exercise, Could you give me the solution of it (Hi). you can read it in attached file question 4. Thank you :) The Dow-Jones daily returns for the period 1920-2006 under the normal likelihood show a raw mean of 0.00020 and standard deviation of 0.01140...
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    Chi-Square Calculator

    This calculator compares a test statistic to a Chi-Square value at a given level of significance from 0.01 to 0.1. Includes an electronic table that mimics the back of your book to search for the Chi-Square value. Chi-Square Distribution
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    Normal and Chi-square distribution

    If X~N(0,1) is X^2~Chisquare(1) ?
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    chi-square and normal distribution

    Hi. I have this problem. Making use of the fact that the chi-square distribution can be approximated by a normal distribution when v, the number of degrees of freedom, is large, show that for large samples from a normal population, s^2 \ge \sigma_0^2[1+z_{\alpha}\sqrt{\frac{2}{n-1}}] is an...
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    Chi-Square Variance Ratio Proof

    How would you go about proving that [ ( n - 1 ) * s^2 ] / σ^2 has a Chi-Square Distribution?
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    In a chi-square test, what does it indicate when the observed and expected frequencies are equal? Besides the sum=0, does it mean anything else?
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    Chi-Square Test

    Let the result of a random experiment be classified as one of the mutually exclusive and exhaustive ways A1, A2, A3 and also one of the mutually exclusive and exhaustive ways B1, B2, B3, B4. 200 independent trials of the experiment result in the following data: B1 B2 B3 B4 A1 10 21 15 6 A2...
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    Chi-Square Test

    [SOLVED] Chi-Square Test Two different teaching procedures were used in two different groups of students. Each group had 100 students of similiar ability. These are the results: Group A B C D F I 15 25 32 17 11 II 9 18 29 28 16 Data is...
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    Need help with Chi-Square Test

    Hey, not sure if anyone can help me but im currently doin Chi-Square tests at university and we are using microsoft excel to do it. I understand how to work everything out but for some reason when i try and find out the P-value after completing an expected value table I get some random number...