1. K

    Is this function changed fundamentally?

    I have a function (x^2 -6x +5) / (x-5).If I factor I end up with f(x) = x-1. What I'm having trouble understanding is the difference between those two expressions of the same function in terms of the asymptote: the first has an asymptote at x = 5, while the second has all the reals as it's...
  2. W

    Changed thank you for supporting

    Changed thank you for supporting Bell first name depression helmet gap coming up music morning last when you got hold all over your shoes from my first tonight if the whimsical item in your home source a fun and pleasure I could be number one smartest inventions be slowly driving in same could...
  3. F

    Width when axis is changed

    G'day guys, Looking for a bit of help with this: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting Buying a new couch, but I can't measure what I need to. Basically it will be turned onto it's side to go through the door, creating a new "width". Also, the feet can be taken off in a worse...
  4. J

    Angle of transfer function changed by rewriting equation?

    Consider the transfer function \frac{1}{1-j\frac{w}{w_c}} Now, if I simply multiply by the conjugate I get this: \frac{1+j\frac{w}{w_c}}{1+\frac{w^2}{w_c^2}} Separating the real part and the imaginary part, and taking the angle between them: \phi = arctan(b/a) = arctan...
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    algebra word problem changed to algabriac

    A woman invested $25,000, part at 7.5% and the rest at 6%. If her annual interest from these two investments amounted to $1620, how much money did she invest at each rate?
  6. D

    Can a non-proportion equation be changed into a proportion? Class

    How would you change, for example, the equation 1/x + 3/(x-1) = 101 into proportion? Class?
  7. A

    How to find the Changed Base

    The formula A = P(1.09)^t is an example of exponential growth with base 1.09. Determine an equivalent continuous growth formula using base e. Also, what if it asks me to use a different base? (eg. 2)
  8. D

    Keeping same X & Y when size has changed.

    Hi, I am trying to replace one object with another object of a different size. If there is no rotation everything works fine. As soon as rotation is added the new object is shifted. Rotation is performed around the centre of the object. Height and width are calculated before rotation. I can...
  9. N

    rotation matrix for changed body coordinate system

    I need help to calculate the following I have 2 bodies with a body coordinate coordinate system (A and B) The matrix R describes the rotation between body A and B. (in this case calculated from an xyz euler angle sequence) where B = R*A Now i have defined another set of body coordinate system...
  10. P

    Changed loan terms, what did I lose?

    Hi, first time posting here, great forum BTW. I have been negotiating a relocation package with my company and they originally agreed to provide an interest free 5 year loan for $45,000 to be paid back by me in equal amounts annually. The terms have now changed to 3 years and I'd like to...
  11. O

    Ellipse changed in 2 parameters

    I need some help to pull this through, first a background, then some questions. But first of all, I prefer using the following "parametric polar" formulas for an ellipse: x = cx + a Cos[t] Cos[T] + b Sin[t] Sin[T] y = cy - a Cos[t] Sin[T] + b Sin[t] Cos[T] cx and cy: Coordinates of the center...
  12. J

    Degree minutes and seconds changed into Decimal?

    How do I change a the following into decimal form? 23 deg. 30' 15"