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    Casio - ClassPad II fx-CP400 - Tutorials

    Hi I have inherited a ClassPad II and was wondering if there are any good tutorials out there that people would recommend. I have done a search on youtube and am not finding much. What I am after are simple tutorials on topics like equation solving and use of the calculus functions. So from...
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    Casio fx-100AU PLUS - Remainder

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if there is a way to find the remainder following division using this calculator. I am doing base conversions and need to show working by hand so if there is a quick way to find remainders that would be great. Kind regards Beetle
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    Casio fx-100AU PLUS - problem using squared function with negative numbers

    Hello I am new to doing maths and bought a CASIO fx-100AU PLUS. Is this a good choice? I am allowed any scientific or graphics calculator for doing calculus. Also I am confused, when I type in -1 squared it says -1 but -1 times -1 = 1? What am I doing wrong? Thank you
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    solve quadratic function by using Casio fx100au plus

    HI everybody, I just bought a calculator: Casio fx100au plus. Does anyone know how to solve quadratic equation or cubic equation by using this calculator? Thank you.
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    I need help with my Casio graphing calculator

    I'm getting desperate. I can't figure out how to enter parametric equations into my graphing calculator. the equations in question are a velocity equation, and when I enter the x and y equations, instead of getting a graph, I just get a series of meaningless lines on the left side of my viewing...
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    how to find roots of nth degree polynomial with Casio fx-991es

    How do I find the roots of an nth degree polynomial equation like 5(x^4)-20(x^3)-45(x^2)+34x+23 = 0 using the casio fx-991es? This is a very common calculator being used even in the board exam for engineering in my country.. I can get it to show me all the roots of 1st to third degree equations...
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    Newbie here, but a big math/calculator fan

    Hello im a math, chemistry, physics and calculator fan. When i have some free time I like explore in max the functions of my graphic calculators! I own some casio calculators like fx9860, classpad and prizm. For vulgar people a calculator is no more than a gadget to make calculations but for...
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    Help using a Casio fx-83ES to calculate a fraction as an exponent.

    I am trying to teach myself algebra and I have downloaded a course book, but I arrived at the section for inputting algebra in to graphic calculators (I only own the Casio fx-83ES model) I have figured out some of the basics but I have arrived at :[e.g. 2x^2 + 3y^3 / (x+y)^1/2] could anyone...
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    casio fx-115ES integrate polar equation

    I want to find the area under a polar curve so I can check my answers. Is there a way to integrate polar equations?
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    Casio FX-991ES Vs. FX-991ES PLUS

    Hi, I'm studying broadcast engineering at university and have been using a Casio fx-83ES however I've recently taken up a home study a-level in maths and have been recommended upgrading my calculator. The Casio FX-991ESPLUS appears to be highly recommended but some people have said they...
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    casio fx100au memory

    I'm new to scientific calculators How do I store a number in the memory? How do I recall this?
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    Casio fx-85es thousand separator

    Hi all, Does anyone know to set a Casio fx-85es to show thousands separator? I've downloaded the manual but can't see it, and would be surprised if it's not supported. Thanks, p.
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    Casio fx-83es. Can it......

    work out areas like this link can: Calculate the radius, diameter, circumference, area & volume of a circle or sphere from any starting point and do algebra? (reason i ask is there are many letters on the calc i have no idea what they are for?!) Thank you!
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    Casio fx-83ES-the one with a purple button at the top - fault or is it me?

    I have a lovely Casio calculator, which does lots of wonderful things for me, BUT, it has also driven me to distraction, because it keeps miscalculating one particular , um, what do you call it, (sum?) I've tried doing the same thing on my other (older) Casio calculator, and it comes out OK...
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    Any Casio Classpad experts out there?

    I posted an earlier thread but haven't had any replies yet. Does anyone know if you can graph straight from the financial menu on a classpad? Please.
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    how to program in casio......

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    Casio fx-9860G graphing help

    hi, im learning linear/quadratic simulataneous equations and would like to use this calculator to graph the equations similar to the following to G-solv the points of intersection. x-y=0 x^2+y^2=18 has anyone any idea if it can be done on this calculator without rearranging the...
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    casio fx-991MS

    can anyone how to do differentiation and integration. whenever i tried to do so it gives SYNTAX ERROR ... please tell me how to evaluate differentiation and integration ?? THANKS .........
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    help regarding casio fx-991ES.

    hi peeps, i have got a casio fx-991ES calculator. i just wanted to know that can use it to solve problems relating to limits and continuity and basic concepts of differential and integral calculus. thanks in advance guys . (Nod)(Nod)
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    Casio fx-83Es

    hi how do you do standard deviation on the casio fx-83ES??