1. F

    Cartesian Equation of a Plane

    Here is the question: "The line with vector equation r=(2,0,1) + s(-4,5,5) , seR lies on the plane pi, as does the point P(1,3,0). Determine the Cartesian equation of pi." Here is what I did: Since the like 'r' is on the plane the point <2,0,1>(Lets call this Q) is also on the plane. So using...
  2. J

    How to convert a hyperbolic system to cartesian?

    I want to convert this system of corrdinates (see image beloow) to cartesian system. How make this?
  3. S

    Eliminating the Parameter Given Cartesian and t Equations

    I just need help figuring one simple part of the problem out, everything else is already done. I was given: x=1-3sin(4piT),y=2+3cos(4piT);0<t<1/2 I worked out the Cartesian to be; T=(sin^-1((1-x)/3))/4pi, y=2+3cos(sin^-1((1-x)/3)) Then I continued to do this: 0<(sin^-1((1-x)/3))/4pi<1/2...
  4. A

    Cartesian Equation of a Plane

    Hi everyone, I'm struggling with this question : « Find a Cartesian Equation for the vertical plane P in R3 which contains the points (6, 2, 1) and (-3, -1, 5) » I'm assuming I can use the vector < 0, 0, 1 > since the plane is vertical but I'm having some trouble since they only gave two...
  5. O

    Cartesian product P x P not countable

    I'm stuck on how to prove that if an infinite set P is not countable then it implies that the Cartesian product P x P is also not countable. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.
  6. T

    Need help with polar to cartesian

    I got 2r^2cos(theta)sin(theta)=-3 but that is not an option. Can you please help me out on this one and show me what I may be doing wrong.
  7. M

    drawing right angled tri. on cartesian plane

    if I have lengths of two sides of a triangle -the triangle is right angled c-an I draw the triangle on a catesian plane such that all the coordinates of the points of the triangle are "integer"?? -the two given sides are not the hypotenuse eg: 5 10 can be drawn on : (-10,4),(-2,-2),(1,2)
  8. P

    Convert from cartesian to polar coordinates

    Hello Everyone, I'm new on the site and have a question that I feel is pretty basic, but I can't seem to get it right. I'm given a vector of the form A = (xx-yy). The mathematical paper I'm reading does a quick conversion to polar coordinates and the result is A=r(Theta), where (theta) is the...
  9. harpazo

    More Cartesian to Parametric Form

    Convert from cartesian to parametric equation form? y = sinx + cosx
  10. harpazo

    Cartesian to Parametric Form

    Convert from cartesian to parametric equation form? x = y²-6y+11
  11. D

    Cartesian Components of 3D vector

    I am trying to find the magnitude of the Cartesian vectors Fx, Fy, and Fz for a resultant vector F which has a magnitude of 100 and a direction that is 60° from horizontal in the XZ plane and 75° from horizontal in the YZ plane. Please see the reference diagram. Obviously, I can solve this...
  12. M

    Question on $\sigma$-algebra of a Cartesian Product

    Question: Let $\Omega_1$ and $\Omega_2$ be $2$ nonempty sets and let $\mathcal{A}$ be a $\sigma$-algebra of subsets of the Cartesian product $\Omega_1 \times \Omega_2$. Suppose that $\mathcal{S}_i$ is a collection of subsets of $\Omega_i$, $i = 1,2$. Assume that $\Omega_i \in \mathcal{S}_i$...
  13. R

    Cartesian coordinates on Steiner Circumellipse

    Hello math enthusiasts and experts! I'm a software developer who has recently become enamored with animation on the web. Several of the posts on this forum have already proven extremely helpful in solving some of my earlier conundrums, but I think I've run into one that requires some specific...
  14. Q

    Simplifying and giving answers in cartesian form

    Hi there i have a question to ask The following must be simplify and must be answered in cartesian form, present your answer on an argand diagram. Im not too sure how to do these could someone explain it please? thank you :) Question (a) (4+5j)(4+5j) Question (b) (-5-2j)(5+2j)
  15. R

    Cartesian products of closed/open subsets in real vector space R^n.

    I have some basic but confusing problems: Let Ai be a closed subset of real vector space Rmi, Bi an open subset of real vector space Rmi, for 1<= i <= n. 1. Is the product A1A2...An closed? 2. Is the product B1B2...Bn open?
  16. C

    Converting vorticity/velocity fields from cartesian to cylindrical co-ordinates

    Hi there, I'm trying to determine the velocity equations, given a known vorticity distribution, and the requirement that the continuity equation be satisfied. In Cartesian, the equations are w_z = dv/dx - du/dy 0 = du/dx + dv/dy where (u,v) are the velocities in the (x,y) directions...
  17. Shadow236

    Finding a Cartesian equation for an r value

    How would I find a Cartesian equation for r = 4secx? Thanks.
  18. M

    Graphs on Cartesian plane

    Hi guys, This is grade 11 algebra. The task is: Image #192480 - Image Hosting (pasted image), or in writing: Draw each of the graphs on the Cartesian plane below. Clearly show the symmetry axis, the coordinates of the turning point and the y-intercept on these graphs. f(x) = 2x^2...
  19. B

    Cardinality Of A Cartesian Product

    Hello, I am having difficulty understanding why the cardinality of a Cartesian Product is simply the product of the cardinality of the individual sets involved in the Cartesian Product. As an attempt in trying to understand this, I supposed the set A x A, where A has n elements: I understand...
  20. F

    IGCSE Coordinate Geometry problem

    Q. The straight line l passes through the points A and B with coordinates (2,0) and (5,6) respectively.a) Find an equation of l The straight line L is perpendicular to l and passes through the point C with coordinates (0.5,7) The lines l and L intersect in the point D. b) Find an equation of L...