1. M

    Carrying out conversions in scientific notation

    I need to convert 12.56 km to ft. I know it's 41297.35 feet, but I'm not sure how to set up the equation. So far, I have (I know it's not right)... (12.56 km/1 ft) * (104.6 ft/1 in) * (87.22 in/1 cm) * (34.34 cm/1 km) Thanks!
  2. zorro

    A total of 4 buses carrying 148 student

    Question : A total of 4 buses carrying 148 student from the same school arrive at a football stadium. The buses carry 40, 33, 25 and 50 students. One of the students is randomly selected. Let X denote the number of students that were on the bus carrying this randomly selected student. One of the...
  3. turbod15b

    Determine the force on a current carrying conductor situated on a magnetic field?

    calculate the FORCE exerted on a conductor of Length 20cm which lies at right angles to a pair of magnetic pole pieces having dimensions of 5 cm x 2 cm Producing a flux of 2 mWb when the current flowing through the conductor is 4A? :confused: