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    boxes of candy bars

    A club is buying boxes of candy bars to sell for a fundraiser. If each box contains c candy bars, and each member sells x bars a day, how many boxes are needed to supply enough candy bars for 3c members to sell for 5 days? A) 15c(^2) x B) x/15 C) (3x)/5 D) (15c2)/x E) 15x I have no concept...
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    How many ways can candy be distributed?

    The question is, if there are 30 pieces of candy, and 20 babies. How many ways can the candy be divided amongst the babies such that all of the candy has been given out? My initial thought is that, we could obviously give 30 pieces to a single baby, thus there are 20 options there. Next we...
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    need many pieces of candy can go in a cone...see message for rest

    Please help...The cone has a diameter at its base of 30cm and it is 45 cm tall. if a piece of ancy is 2 cm long, 1cm wide. how many pieces of candy can be put in the cone? I did figure that the volume of the cone was 10494.53....need help
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    candy, weights, distributions, yum

    so I have a stats problem that I can't figure out. Assume that the distribution of mints produced with a label weight of 20.4 is N(21.34, .16) 15 mints are selected independently. let Y be the number of those that weight less than 20.857 g. determine P[Y≤2]. The chapter for this is...
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    Boxes of Candy

    The monthly revenue achieved by selling x boxes of candy is figured to be x(5 - 0.05x) dollars. The wholesale cost of each box of candy is $1.50. How many boxes must be sold each month to achieve a profit of at least $60? What about if the question asked: How many boxes must be sold...