1. A

    Calculate Mean with Standard Error, Variance, CI limits, z-value, pval and N

    I have the Difference in means, the Standard Error, Variance, Lower an Upper CI limits, z-value, p-value and number of participants as shown in the attached picture (at the bottom of the picture) Using them I need to calculate the Mean. I calculated the Standard Deviation using the RevMan...
  2. J

    Help with functions on intervals in TI Nspire CX CAS

    Hello everyone. I have the TI-nspire CX CAS and I need some help plugging in numbers. I was wondering how to solve the function "0=x(sin(x))-(cos(x)" on the interval [0,4]. I need to find the precise points, not a graphical analysis. I can't seem to find any button that allows me to specify an...
  3. C

    Blocks Scientific Calculator (and a bit of discussion about calculators)

    Hello (Hi) As new member to this forum, I would like to share you my humble contribution to the world of calculators. It is an android app I developed after my experience with calculators during my studies, and I hope it can make computations on such devices easier for some people. I have...
  4. J

    Which calculator for math 97 Algebra 1?

    Im wondering which calculator i should use for math 97 pre/beginning algebra? I have a ti30xs and a ti86 that were both given to me. I didn't know if the 30 was going to be able to do everything i need and if the 86 was overkill. Will one of these work or should i get an 83 or 84? Thanks. Sent...
  5. M

    Inverse trig Functions: Evaluate quantities that are defined without a calculator.

    Problem: Inverse of Sin(root3/2) For starters, I know that the range for inverse trigfunctions for tan and sin are -pi/2 to pi/2. and for cosine the range is 0 to pi. I am not understanding what this problem wants me to do? I realize that sin(root3/2) is 60 degrees or pi/3, is that all they...
  6. M

    My Calculator? Is it me or is it the calculator?

    First off, I have been trying to do -2 times something, during law of cosines. But whenever I put a subtract sign first, it always put Ans in front of it, and it is so annoying how do I fix it? Also secondly,, I cannot divide by any negative numbers or when I use trig functions inverse I cannot...
  7. G

    Standard deviation calculator

    Hi, I often calculate standard deviation when solving statistics exercises, and this calculation it quite tedious. I found a easy to use online tool that does this job, you only need to enter the numbers separated by commas, and click a button. Here is the link to the tool: Standard deviation...
  8. M

    Finding the elementary matrix using TI Nspire cx cas calculator

    (from the matrix equation Ax=b,) I know that EA=R, where E is the elemenatry matrix that reduce A to its Row Reduce Echelon Form R. The Nspire cx cas calculator has a rref(A) command to find R from A, my question is : Can I find E using some simple command from the calculator (assume A is...
  9. M

    Find each value without using a calculator.

    93) log 10,000 95) log 0.001 97) e^(ln 7) 99) ln(e^4) Also can anybody tell me what does ln mean?? Why do we have it or "e"??? I am getting so confused over learning these today.
  10. X

    enter the input of ( sech 3x / 3 ) in calculator

    how to calculate ( sech 3x / 3 ) , x= ln2 in my casio fx-570ms ?
  11. BERMES39

    TI-Nspire calculator error?

    This would be a first. I think the calculator TI Nspire CX CAS is giving me an incorrect result. Could someone please correct me or verify? The indefinite integral of the sech(x)^2 is tanh(x). The calculator answer is missing a +1.
  12. M

    Normal Distribution Percentile Calculator

    Given mean, standard deviation, and a percentile, this determines the percentile ranking. Percentile for Normal Distribution Calculator
  13. M

    Compound Discount Calculator

    This calculator determines both Compound Discount and Simple Discount. Given Principal, Interest, and time, this calculates the effective rate of discount: Simple Discount and Compound Discount Calculator
  14. M

    Mcnemar Test Calculator

    Given a, b, c, d, and alpha, this will run the hypothesis test using Mcnemars test. Mcnemar Test Calculator
  15. M

    Double Declining Balance Depreciation Calculator

    Given Asset Value, Salvage Value, and N, this will determine Depreciation and Book Value at time t. Double Declining Balance Depreciation Calculator
  16. M

    Bit Shifting Calculator

    One more calculator that uses the binary method to determine Bit Shift Left and Bit Shift Right Bit Shifting Calculator
  17. M

    Octagon Calculator

    Given a side, perimeter, or area, this calculator will determine the following properties of a octagon: Sum of Interior Angles Number of Diagonals in the polygon Number of Diagonals from one vertex Number of Triangles that can be drawn from one vertex Octagon Calculator
  18. M

    Nonagon Calculator

    Given a side, perimeter, or area, this calculator will determine the following properties of a nonagon: Sum of Interior Angles Number of Diagonals in the polygon Number of Diagonals from one vertex Number of Triangles that can be drawn from one vertex Nonagon Calculator
  19. M

    Order of Operations Calculator

    From speaking with teachers and students, I use Standard PEDMAS. I'm open to updates for this calculator. Order of Operations Calculator
  20. M

    Algebraic Expression Calculator

    This has been the culmination of 1.5 years of work from suggestions and problems by people who struggle with algebraic expressions. Algebraic Expressions Calculator Some examples below where any letter can be used for say n or x and any number where you see a number used Fifteen less than...