1. N

    Euclidean Circle Geometry. Calculating the Radius

    In the diagram below, DE is a chord of the circle that goes through c,d and e. A is the center of the circle. The perpendicular line from centre A intersects DE at B and the circle at C, DE=100cm BC= 10cm AB=X I need to calculate the length of AB / x. Basically i need to calculate the...
  2. M

    calculating Ellipse radius

    Hi All, I have a question that I would like to think is easy. I have an ellipse with a known circumference and 1 radius. I want to calculate the other radius. I am just wondering if there's an easy way to do this. I know the equation circumference = (pi/2)sqrt(2A2 + 2B2) is not as accurate...
  3. E

    Calculating the height of a circle segment

    Hey guys, I'm helping my father with some calculations for building a steam engine. I need to calculate the height of a circle segment i know the area of and also knowing the radius. I got as far as finding the following formula: Area of segment = (((Ɵ/360) * π – (sin(Ɵ)/2)) x r² I understand...
  4. X

    calculating volume using double or triple integral

    which is correct ? i have 2 notes below . Which way is correct ?
  5. Y

    Calculating maximum and minimum points of a cubic WITHOUT calculus

    Hi everyone I wanted to ask a question about calculating maximum and minimum points. I understand it is the easiest way of calculating maximum and minimum points using differentiation. But what I wanted to ask was is it possible to calculate the maximum and minimum points of a cubic function...
  6. A

    Calculating probability of winning a "Must Win" contest

    Consider a lottery game, where I need to choose $k$ numbers out of $n$ ($k < n$), and later a random uniform-distribution machine draws $k$ numbers. The probability to win this game is $\binom{n}{k}$. But now consider this: suppose that I am not the only participant in the game, and the game is...
  7. B

    Calculating Games Back

    Hi, this might require someone with a little knowledge of sports. I know what the Games Behind Formula is. If a team is 20-4 and another is 18-7, then you subtract 18 from 20 and get 2 and you subtract 4 from 7 and get 3. 2 +3 = 5. 5/2 is 2.5. Team B is 2.5 games back of Team A. Simple...
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    Optimising Area of a Triangle Given info 2 sides are equal et al - Calculating Maximu

    Hi, I have a triangle with a perimeter of 3 (being each of the sides added). Two sides (lets say x) are the same length and I have to find the length of the third side (say z) that would optimise the area. Step 1: So: 2x + z = 3 z= 3-2x Now have z in term of x. Step 2...
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    calculating percent greater

    Please see the attachment. The answer is (1/26) / (5/26). In a sense this makes sense, but what is the difference between this value and simply subtracting to get 1/26 ?
  10. A

    finding derivatives when calculating taylor polynomial

    Hi to calculate the taylor polynomial at T3(x) at 1 for f(x) =\frac{1}{x+2} I am having trouble finding the 3rd derivative. Dealing with a rational function so we use the quotient rule, 1st derivative =\frac{0.(x+2)-1(1)}{(x+2)^2}= \frac{-1}{(x+2)^2)} 2nd derivative (this is where I have seem...
  11. M

    Calculating Percentage of Slope

    I am looking for a formula to determine percentage of slope of a hill. For example If I stretch a string for a horizontal distance of 10 feet And the vertical drop is 5 feet at the end of the string What percentage slope do I end up with? Can someone provide the formula to calculate this?
  12. S

    calculating capacity?

    Hello everyone, new poster here. I have a question on how to find the capacity of a scenario if you are given only a percentage of it. Sales at 80% capacity: 400, 000 FC: 105, 000 VC: 260, 000 NI: 35, 000 From here, I found the CM (SP - VC = $140 000) and the CR (CM/SP = 35%). I also...
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    Calculating Force in Beams

    Trying to work out the forces in each beam for this question (3.(b)(i)) as attached below. I've got the lengths using Pythagoras: AB = 1.5m BC = 2m AC = 2.5m Angle at A = 45 degress B = 90 degrees C 45 degrees Answers are as follows: FBC = 120kN FAB = 90kN FAC = 96kN This is my attempt...
  14. G

    Help calculating a point in 2d space on a rotating right angle triangle

    I am trying to solve for a point on a triangle that rotates around a fixed point. For ease of calculation this point is at X: 0 Y: 0 The length and width of the triangle are always fixed, the only thing that changes is the rotation angle. How can I solve for X: ??? and Y: ??? taking into...
  15. L

    help with calculating the rest?

    Hi guys I have attached the math problem and what I have attempted calculating so far. Please read the math question throughly because it's a bit confusing (for me, at least).
  16. D

    Calculating fourier transform

    How do I calculate the fourier transform of $x^2 * e^{-x^2}$ If I let $f(x) = x^2$ and $g(x) = e^{-x^2}$, my attempt has been to calculate the fourier transform of $f$ and $g$ seperately and plug them into the convolution theorem formula $transform(f*g) = \sqrt{2\pi} * transform(f) *...
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    Formula for calculating distance of holes in wooden board

    Hi to you all, I have a task with calculating the distance of holes in a wooden board that is cut in an angle. Which formula do I need to use? I know the present distance of the holes when the wooden board is facing each other. But when I cut IE. 22.5° on each board - then the holes will have...
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    Calculating gas expense evenly

    Good morning. A group of us are headed to the Appalachian Mountains on a motorcycle trip. We will be towing our bikes there and want to share the gas expense to and from the destination evenly among all members. 1. 3 vehicles going. 1 truck towing the trailer with the motorcycles and 2 cars...
  19. H

    Calculating payment to principal

    Hi all, may I know is there any alternative way to calculate the payment to principal, beside subtracting the payment to interest from the monthly payment? thanks
  20. G

    Calculating limits with sincx

    Hello, i have posted my calculations below i just need to know how to do the last part please to get sin(x)/x= cos(x/2)cos (x/2^2)...........cos(x/2^n) as n goes to infinity 2^n does as well so x goes to zero, i just need help with finishing off as shown below, much appreciated if i could get...