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    Calculate Chi-Square p-value for X^2 = X^2_a

    Calculate Chi-Square p-value To set the stage for the question, lets examine a typical sample problem: A group of people are categorized by gender and also by political affiliation, and we wish to test the hypothesis that there is a relationship between the two categorizations...
  2. M

    Calculate % Growth and Net increase

    This is most likely simplistic but is giving me trouble. I'm trying to find the best way to set up a formula to help calculate the % of growth and the overall net increase from this group of numbers. Someone had sent me the following as an example and came up with a 0.4% overall growth and a net...
  3. P

    Calculate the integral over a closed circuit by residues

    Hi! Tring to calculate, but without success. Can anyone help me ?
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    Use the residue to calculate the integral over the contour

    Hi! I trying to calculate the integral, but without success. Can anyone help me with this ?
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    How to calculate rate of future population decline with loss and gain parameters?

    I need help figuring out what I think is an algebra problem, but I don't know how to set it up. I have a population starting at 1.6 billion. The annual growth rate is 2%. The annual mortality rate is 0.6%. The problem is this: In addition to the above parameters, there is a constant loss...
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    Calculate the chance-level of an 8-alternative multiple choice questionnaire

    Hello everyone. In short: I would like to know how to compute the chance-level of an 8-alternative multiple choice questionnaire with 6 questions. Here is some more information: In my experiment, participants viewed 6 stimuli, each stimulus conveying one of the six basic emotions (anger...
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    How to Calculate Annual Return for a Portfolio

    Hello All, This is my first post to the forum and I am looking forward to being a member of the community. I have been struggling with the proper way to calculate the annual return figure for the entire portfolio of houses my company owned and sold. I have attached the portfolio and relevant...
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    Please confirm, how to calculate critical range in tukey-kramer comparisons- thanku!

    I am doing a tukey-kramer procedure, and my results seem off. I suspect maybe it is my critical range. I am getting it this way. Q x sqroot(mean of variances / #obvs in a group) I have 5 groups with 3 observations in each. I used a Q value from a table with numerator df=5 and denominator...
  10. H

    calculate the partial derivatives

    calculate the partial derivatives ∂^3f/∂x∂y∂x when f(x,y,z) = x^2*y*e^xz
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    calculate :
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    Triangle coordinates

    Hi, Trying to figure out the following: (quick intro: drawing watch hands on a clock face) given the coordinates of a circle: x:50;y:50;radius:50 I have an arbitrary point on the circumference, say, the 2pm position. I currently calculate the coordinates of 2pm (or wherever), and draw a line...
  13. C

    Calculate Volume of Bottle

    How would you calculate the volume, or capacity, in mL of a bottle using only height and circumference in inches or mm? If you need to convert between something for mL, please show that.Mucho Thanks guys!
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    Can you calculate the number of lights per fixture?

    (I don't know where to put this in the forum) I had a problem that I wanted to solve in Excel, and now that I have solved it I am curious about the math that would explain it. Excel is doing its own thing (SUMPRODUCT) to get the results, but if you were to do it on paper you'd need a real...
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    How to calculate the distance?

    How to find the distance between two points when x1,y1 is 2,3 and x2,y2 is 5,4
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    Calculate the limit given function and interval verify using geometry.

    I have no idea how to start these problems. Could some list the steps,equations and if you could write it out in a pice of paper( it's harder to understand when it's typed on here:/. I've been trying to get it for the past hour
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    Calculate the height of a bar of an areogram

    Hello! I've got some problems solving this table: Age(of a population) [0-15) [15,20) [20,30) [30,50) [50,100) Frequency 45 25 35 45 50 Consider an areogram of data.If the second and the third category are put together,what will the height (of the resulting bar) be? First of all I found the...
  18. A

    Calculate root mean square

    Calculate root mean square for y=2e^x/2 Range x=0 x=2
  19. M

    How to Calculate Degrees on Angle

    I need an equation to figure this out If for every 1 foot my driveway drops 1 inch, what does that calculate out to be as an angle? How would i calculate it?
  20. Z

    Calculate of Circumference

    hello all... how to calculate circumference of shaded region in this below shape? thanks... zidan3311