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    Line integral of tilted ellipse from lowest point to highest point.

    Compute the line integral of the vector field F<x,y,z> = x2+y2+z2 over the curve of the intersection of z=x+1 and 1=x2+y2. The integration should be from the lowest point to the highest point and counter clockwise when seen from above. So far I paramatized into cylindrical coordinates and got a...
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    Trying to solve intentionally confusing surface area problem.

    So far in this problem I calculated the magnitude of cross product. I have no idea how to integrate the resulting terms. I feel there is another way to solve this following problem. Dilbert always wants to make his contribution to each project look more complex than it really is. He has...
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    linear Independence

    linear Independence of Following
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    Solve for k

    P =(197.3e^(197.3kt))/(e^(197.3kt) + 1) Solve for k, assuming it is a linear function of P
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    How do I solve this?

    The equation M(t) = 12 0.2t^2 models the mass of undissolved table salt in a glass of water, where M(t) represents the mass of salt, in grams, and t represents time, in seconds. a. Use the secant method to find the average rate at which the salt is dissolving for the interval 5.5 < t < 6.5...
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    derivatives question

    Can we use the ln to simplify the derivative as one of my classesmates said that we can do this . so it will be like this is this a correct move or not??
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    The conmen tangent between two circles

    How do I find using differentiation the conmen tangent between two circles x2 +y2= 16 and (x-6)2+y2​= 4
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    proof of a mathematical expression

    prove TEX]\int_{-\infty}^{\infty}e^{-x^{2}}\,dx=\sqrt{\pi}[/TEX]
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    A question related to calculus

    Recently,one of my friend asked me a question but I'm not able to answer this question .His question about differentiation of exponential function .Here is his question:
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    Split Functions

    g(x) = {ax if x < 3 {ab-12 if x =3 {x2 -4x+b if x > 3 1. What are the values of b and a if g(x) is continuous at x = 3 Please help and thank you
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    Numerical solution of differential equations

    What is the order of the corrector of Adams-Moulton type required in order to apply Milne's method for estimating the error in PECE mode? Find the coefficient of the leading term in the truncation error for the third order implicit Adams-Moulton linear multistep scheme \begin{equation}...
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    Euler Car Depreciation Calculus

    Say a car's value drops 20% annually. In five years estimate the percentage of the original vehicle value that is retained. Assume you bought this vehicle at the time t = 0 (assume the mileage of x = 0 km) for $ 20,000. Assume you drive about 15,000 km annualy (assume uniform driving habits...
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    Need Solution Today..

    Question#1 _____________________________________________________________________________ Evaluate the integral. Question#2 _____________________________________________________________________________ Find the volume of solid obtained by revolving around the y-axis the plane area between...
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    Optimization problems

    find the height and radius of the right circular cylinder of maximum volume which can be inscribed in a sphere of radius root(3) ft i am not understanding any of the optimization problems in my class
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    Grade 12 calculas limits question

    lim x->1 solve algebraeically...ive tried it a bunch of times and always seem to head nowhere
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    Solids of revolution problem

    Set up the integral to evaluate the volume of a solid generated by revolving the given region y=x and y=2sqrtx about y=2. I'm really having some trouble with this problem because the line of rotation cuts through the region I am supposed to be rotating....any assistance would be appreciated...
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    Normal to plane.

    I know the plane equation 0.00023x - 0.00018y + 0.00032z + 1 = 0 I need to calculate the angle between the normal of this plane and horizontal (x-y plane). Please help me to calculate that. Could you suggest any tutorials about this
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    need help creating a rational function (no clue where to start)

    lim f(x) = 2 x -> infinty lim f(x) = -2 x-> - infinty lim f(x) = - infinty x-> -4 lim f(x) = - infinty x-> 2- lim f(x) = infinty x-> 2+ relative min of 0 at x=2 relative max of -0.900466 at x=0.442818 concave down (-infinty, -4) (-4,-2) (6.835351, infinty) concave up (2,6.835351) x-inter...
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    Magnitude in calculas

    Hey I dont know if i posted this in the wrong thread or something but here it goes: Jane walks 400 metres due South, then 250 metres in the direction S85oW, and finally 180 metres in the direction N20oE. Determine the magnitude and direction of her resulting displacement, relative to her...
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    Relative Rates

    A spotlight is on the ground 20m away from a wall and a 2m tall person is walking towards the wall at a rate of 1.5m/s . How fast is the height of the shadow changing when the person is 8m from the wall? Is the shadow increasing or decreasing in height at this time? i know i need to find dh/dt...