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    Calc2: Half Lives and Steady

    I know that half lives are relatively simple but I am having an extremely hard time with this lab. Could someone help walk me though the steps? I would greatly appreciate the help!
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    Calc2 Power Series

    I cannot figure this problem out for the life of me.
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    Calc2: Not sure where to begin...

    Hey, everyone! I have a test coming up next week and I'm practicing for it (so, the questions within are exclusively for my gain, not a grade) and there's a few problems on the book that I can't seem to get. Question #1: Sketch the region enclosed by \text{y}=8x+2 and \text{y}=5x^2. Decide...
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    SOLVED Find the length of the curve? NO bounds are given.

    Find the length of the curve? NO bounds are given. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- length of the curve formula using wolframalpha I got this int sqrt( 1+ ((1-2 x)/(2 sqrt(x-x^2))+1/(2 sqrt(1-x) sqrt(x)))^2) dx -...
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    SOLVED Integration.

    How to do the second part(Wondering). I did the first part by normal integration.
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    SOLVED Integration Problem....answer check???

    Here is the question This is my attempt. Is this correct?
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    SOLVED find the volume of the curves rotated about the x-axis

    the endpoint comes -1 and 1 and I am taking the integral of ((9/8)-x^2)-(x^2/8)....and then multiplyig by 2pi. the final answers come 3pi. Any help thanks
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    SOLVED Calc2...Finding the volume

    This is what I have done: 1) The end points are 8 and 3. 2) then I am taking the integral of y = -x^2+11x-24 and then multiplying by 2pi. the final comes 125pi/3..which is wrong. Any help thanks
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    SOLVED Solve the integrals for the area

    What are the enpoint of these integrals?
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    SOLVED find the integral

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    Volume of curve on graph

    Refer to the figure and find the volume generated by rotating the given region about the specified line. a) R1 about OC
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    solving diffyQ for calc2

    I am having trouble towards the end of this problem: dy/dx=(e^(y)sin^(2)x)/ysecx towards the end i get (y^(2)/2e^(y))=sin^(3)x/3 i am not sure really how to isolate y Can anyone please help?
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    base integrations / evaluations (calc2)

    Can someone please tell me if I am doing these right? (Just finding the anti-derivative) 1.\int_{}^{}\sin\left(8z-5\%20\right) My answer: -cos (4z^2-5z) (not sure if I have to follow the chain rule in this or not?) If not I think this is right. (Evaluation)...
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    calc2. find the arc length of a function

    y=ln[(e^x +1)/(e^x -1)] interval [ln2,ln3] please help thanks
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    Calc2 - Dx with ln

    Find dr/dx if r = (lnx)/((x^2)lnx^2) + ln(1/x)^3 r' = lnx(x^2 lnx^2)^-1 + 3ln(1/x) r' = 1/x(x^2 lnx^2)^-1 - lnx(x^2 lnx^2)(2x/x^2) + 3x --> first term I used chain and product rules, but I'm not sure if I carried them out correctly. then I tried to combine stuff... r' = 1/(x(x^2lnx^2) -...
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    [SOLVED] calc2 major help please!

    ok so basically we are doing lengths and planes of curves.. i m lost to how the solution manual gets this.. the get: f '(x) = x (x^2 + 2)^ 1/2 = integral ( 0 to 3) x (x^2 + 2)^ 1/2 im ok till here int ( 0 to 3) x (1 + {x^2 + 2} x^2)^ 1/2 ---------------^---------------^ my...
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    Integration: calc2

    Can anyone help me solve: the integral from 5 to infinity of: 7/((n^2)-16) If you can just solve the integral that would be great! I can do the limit to infinity from there....I am having a lot of trouble with this one. Thank you!!