1. vaironxxrd

    checking triangle, Using SOH CAH TOA

    hello Guys i just want to know if am correct. The image says it all Uploaded with
  2. X

    DIFF between TOA CAH SOH and the RULES!!?? HELP!!!

    Why do we need to use the SINE RULE, when we have learnt TOA CAH SOH? :confused: TOA CAH SOH is use to solve what? And SINE RULE is use to solve what? :confused: can anyone tell mi plz.. :(
  3. mattballer082

    Soh Cah Toa help

    in geometry, is anyone familiar with SOH CAH TOA? First, what is the definition of adjacent and how do i know which angle is adjacent and which angle is opposite. I know which is the hypotenuse. How would I use it with SINE COSINE and TANGENT?? Very confused here please help. :confused: