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    Hey I Am New Here
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    Where to Buy Costume

    People often would like to purchase the adult costumes from a certified site as it will assure you the high quality and feature and therefore full worth of money. These will also guarantee you an outfit of the premier standard at the same time. Celebrants of Halloween used to dress themselves up...
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    Using product buy count data to determine popularity.

    Hi All I'm not sure if this classifies as an "advanced" question. It's challenging for me and I studied maths in university (although admittedly it wasn't my strongest point). Heh... (Thinking) Here's the problem: I'm in the process of regularly scraping a range of online deal pages...
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    Should I buy maths books to teach myself maths.

    The Math books are in the link here, please take a look. Bookstore Do you think the math books this site sells would be good for basic learning of every type of Math the books have to offer? Let's say I'm a beginner and I don't know anything about Geometry. Would the book do a great deal of...
  8. O

    What is a good graphics calculator to buy.

    I have come to the stage in my math studies that a need a graphic calculator. Money is not a problem but with such a big range I am not to sure which one would be the best buy. Any recommendations would be welcome
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    Im Looking to Buy Used Calculators

    Hey Guys, as the titile says, if you got some used calculators im looking to buy them depending on what unit and if it still usable please visit - Sell Your Used Calculator for more info thanks!
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    Buy Two and Get one Free?

    I go to the supermarket and they have an offer on, which says; Buy Two and get one free. I am then asked to calculate the price per litre of the drink. Each carton contains 1 litre. The 1 litre cartons are £1.20 each, so I say well surely £1.20 x 2 = £2.40 and I get one free? My...
  11. vaironxxrd

    What good mathematical book to buy

    Hello guys i am trying to perfect my math and i feel i am on the right road i don't know if this is a waist of money, but i think a mathematical book should help me if i buy a good one. Im looking for Geometry levers and above ( if it contains a little bit of everything it would be better)...
  12. M

    I buy and sell airtime online but need help with the numbers

    There's not much of a margin and I need to know if I am doing the right thing. I have tried to calculate this problem myself but have found it a bit hit and miss. I wonder if anyone can help. All prices are in Kenya Shillings (KSh) as I live and trade in Kenya. I sell airtime online (note to...
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    Keep or buy?

    5. Newfound must also look at the possibility of replacing another one of its machines. The current machine also cost $100,000. It was purchased when the company started on the Colliers waterfront in November of 2002. Newfound has a buyer for this machine today at $65,000. If they keep it...
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    To buy or not to buy?

    Chaotic Industries is considering an investment in a fleet of 10 delivery vans to take its products to customers. The vans will cost $15,000 each to buy, payable immediately. The annual maintenance and operating costs are expected to total $20,000 for each van, including the driver’s salary. The...