1. B

    Brain Plus IQ

    This was once as soon as as swiftly as briskly as swiftly briskly as when terribly compelling immoderate-excessive-significant for Conifer State in my existence these reasonably first ambitions succeeded in getting such virtuoso recommendation nonetheless indubitably moderately and no longer...
  2. K

    Brain Blip - Riemann Sums Question

    What is my attempt to use Riemann Sums missing here? Evaluate using Riemann Sums. \int_{4}^{10}6dx. Obviously, the answer is just 36 as the integral can be interpreted as a 6x6 square. My attempt to get this using Riemann Sums, though, is not working. What do I do next? [Also, any advice on...
  3. X

    I like math, but my brain doesn't do it right. Any suggestions?

    So here's the deal. I struggled a LOT in math during high school (I failed grade nine, and it took private tutoring just to pass grade eleven with a C). I've since gotten a lot better at math. My analytical and logical thinking skills improved substantially during my first few years of...
  4. T

    dont have enough brain to solve a calc problem

    Joe is on the bank of a river that is 50 m wide and he wants to reach a point, P, located 400 m downstream on the other side. Joe can swim 5/4 m/s and run 13/2 m/s, and he will swim diagonally across the river to a point Q and then run along the (straight) river bank to P. In this question, we...
  5. abhforum

    Brain twister????

    2+3=8, 3+7=27, 4+5=32, 5+8=60, 6+7=72, 7+8=?? Solve it?
  6. P

    Mathematics on the brain.

    Have a look at this story.
  7. sakonpure6

    Brain Teaser

    I have no idea what to do... enlighten me if you can , please and thank you.
  8. T

    initial-value problem and integrating..... my brain just isn't grasping help

    Hi, i have this initial-value problem....i need to use the reverse quotient rule, but i also need to use an integration formula too: dy/dx= (cos(5x))/(7+sin(5x)) when y=6 when x=0 f'(x)/f(x)dx=in(f(x))+c (f(x)>0) i don't want the answer i would just like to know how??? if that makes sense...
  9. C

    brain teaser optimization problem

    find the maximum length of the red ribbon around the present
  10. T

    brain freeze on this

    A mass of 0.5 kg is suspended from a flywheel as shown in FIGURE 2. If the mass is released from rest and falls a distance of 0.5 m in 1.5 s, calculate: (a) The linear acceleration of the mass. (b) The angular acceleration of the wheel. (c) The tension in the rope. (d) The frictional torque...
  11. A

    Difficult brain teaser - mix of algebra, number theory and maybe s.o.

    Hi there, I put up an very interesting question from a mathematical magazine, but I was not able to solve it: There are n bottles arranged in a circle. You can start at any bottle and lay one litte stone inside this first bottle. Then you will go to the next bottle and lay a little stone in...
  12. P

    WHOS got the trig brain for this one?????

    for each of the sinusoidal equations a) state the mapping rule B) use the mapping tecnique to build a table of values for each function. for the basic function, y = sin x use values of x = 0 degrees, 90, 180, 270, 360 degrees. then use your mapping to build the table for the functions. c)...
  13. A

    Brain Teaser Posted

    LOGIC: If you count from 1 to 100, how many series of 7's and how many 7's will you pass on the way? A friend posted this brain teasser and was wondering if someone here can explain it in Lamen's terms as if I was 7 years old. LOL I know the how many 7's i pass between 1 to 100. Its 20...
  14. D

    [Brain teaser(torturer)]My TA and Prof says this is "easy", can you figure it out?!

    Make the following true without doing ANYTHING but adding parentheses. No rebalancing, no switching operators, etc. m=109 s=115 s = 4 / m + m * m - 7 * 2 / 3 A few of you might realize this is not actually an Algebra problem, it's from my computer science homework, but since it deals with...
  15. T

    Spare time brain teasers

    Hello everyone. I'm here because I have a good interest in Math/Physics but I'm struggling to find things to solve when I have spare time at work. At work I get a lot of free time away from a Computer, So I get bored very easily. My main question is asking you guys if there are any Math related...
  16. K

    Help - Brain Teaser

    Hello fellow puzzle solvers I saw this puzzle the other day that grabbed my interesting but I have no idea how to solve it. Puzzle Name - Another Carton It has been reasonably argued that the treasure will NOT be found at any of the following coordinates 489655,128130 428381,114675...
  17. S

    1 equation 1 unknown but still killing my brain

    hi all. i have the following equation and am not sure how to solve it. it seems so simple but i haven't done math in a while and am not sure the steps to solve this. I can create a number close enough using excel to solve it through trial and error which is enough to tell me that it is possible...
  18. E

    3 Integrals that fried my brain :(

    I've been staring at them for 2 hours scribbling and I just can't figure them out ...(Worried) First make a substitution and then use integration by parts to evaluate the integral. 1. Evaluate the integral. 2. Evaluate the integral. 3.
  19. B

    Table of figures, finding new revenue, very short but difficult brain teaser

    Student discount price: $4 Normal price: $7 Multiple Choice Question: If the club offered no discount for students and consequently the number of students attending dropped by 10%, what would be the new revenue created for Jan? Choice of answers: A) $80,900 B) $92,000 C) $122,600 D) $104,000...
  20. M

    Maths Brain Fade

    Was studying a little for maths.. in the middle of a question I've hit a brain fade. m^2 + 80 = 0.25m^2 The next step in the answers is 0.75m^2 = 80 What did they do to go from there to here?