1. N

    Modeling with Functions- open box problem

    A graphing calculator is recommended.A box with an open top is to be constructed from a rectangular piece of cardboard with dimensions W = 14 in. by L = 25 in. by cutting out equal squares of side x at each corner and then folding up the sides (see the figure).(a) Find a function that models the...
  2. R

    White Balls in Box

    There are 14 blue balls and 10 red balls in a box. How many white balls must be placed in the box to make the probability of selecting a red ball 2/5? I am frustrated. I am angry. This is a simple application and I don't know where to start. I understand what must be found. Here is what...
  3. J

    Two Boxes - System Acceleration

    There are two boxes of mass 10 kg. Box1 rests on a surface inclined at Θ to the horizontal, and it is connected to a lightweight cord, which passes over a massless and frictionless pulley, to Box2 which hangs freely. It is obvious that Box2 will fall and Box1 will rise up the plane with an...
  4. Jason76

    Find diagonal of a box

    Find the diagonal of a box whose coordinates are (4,5,6) with projections (0,5,6), (4,0,6), and (4,5,0). Other vertices are (0,0,0), (0,0,6), (4,0,0), and (0,5,0). First step?
  5. J

    A Lid made from a square shaped paper, must fit on a rectangular box (no lid).

    The values of the rectangular box is given, the question is to determine the amount needed to be cut off from a 10x10cm paper with 1mm over lap and 1 cm folded edge which maximizes the volume of the box AND what the volume of the box underneath will be.
  6. A

    Simplifying the surface area formula for a rectangular box with a square base

    Please refer to the image for my question
  7. S

    excited movies of box office of this week

    hello guys here is the list of the excited movies of box office of this week so its the time yo rock on these excited movies . Watch The Mindy Project Season 3 episode 17 Online Watch Gangland Undercover Season 1 episode 1 Online Watch Holby City Season 17 episode 20 Online Watch Uncle...
  8. C

    Box application

    Hello Guys, I am having trouble with this question. I need help setting it up and solving it. So far this is what I have gotten. I know that I need to find the volume of the box which is length * width * height. I'm not sure if this is correct but I have lw+lw+lw+lw - 2x = 4lw - 2x = 1500...
  9. F

    Finding dimensions of a box

    Here's the question: A box that holds an expensive pen has square ends, and it's length is 13cm longer than it's width. The volume of the box is 60cm3 . Determine the dimensions of the box Not quite sure what to do here. This is what I did so far. V = lwh l = (13+x) w = x h = ? V = 60 60=...
  10. S

    Need help finding maximum possible volume of a rectangular box

    I think I might be over thinking this but I am not sure what to do to get the formulas.
  11. P

    volume of box

    Hi I wonder if someone can help me, I have to show that the volume of a rectangular box is given by the foll formula whose length is 4 metres and width is 2 metres has a and each cornes is cut away by the same amount the formula given is V = 5x3 - 7x2 + 3x Do I differentiate each term...
  12. C

    Using La-Grange Multiplier to find volume of constrained box

    I don't know how I would go about doing this question. I am revising for an exam and have gotten stuck. Please Help meh
  13. W

    box plot find lowest average and highest average.

    they asked a class of 19 pupils how much money they brought to school that day and this is the graph they made. currency is Swedish crowns (kr) which is why its so high.(kontanter means cash) because there is 19...
  14. U

    Math 120 pizza box problem3

    Pagliacci Pizza has designed a cardboard delivery box from a single piece of cardboard, as pictured. (a) Find a polynomial function v(x) that computes the volume of the box in terms of x. (b) Find a polynomial function a(x) that computes the exposed surface area of the closed box in terms of...
  15. L

    well box

    a landscape timber is 3 and a half inches wide and to make a polygon how long does each one need to be and what angle do they need to be cut to get a 36 inch inside dia
  16. sakonpure6

    Box word problem.

    Okay, this question is giving me trouble.I do not under stand it... the derived equation from the question is x(24-2x)(30-2x) = 1040. -First of all i do not under stand the (24-2x) or the (30-2x) because how do they represent the length and width of the square? Imagine i have a rectangle and I...
  17. N

    Probability when drawing from a box

    Hi again! I feel like this question should be simple enough, but I seem to be getting the answer wrong all the time: The problem: A merchant receives two batches of fish cakes (I live in Norway, we always use fish cakes) from the same producer but from two di ferent factories. Thus, from the...
  18. A

    Box and Product Topologies

    I actually have two questions. One about topological comparisons between those two topologies and one about the identity map. First, I just wanted to make sure a proof I was using was correct or not... I've battled with it for awhile and I want some criticism. The exercise was: Let...
  19. A

    Box and whisker diagram

    Hi all, Im currently trying to revise for a maths skills test, and I'm looking at box and whisker diagrams. So far I've understood it, except one thing. I know the median is the middle value of a given data set, but what do you do if you are asked to draw a box and whisker diagram based on...
  20. M

    How to put a box around multiple equations on multiple lines?

    I want to put one box around 5 equations where each equation is on a separate line and the equations are aligned. Also, outside of the box and on the right side of the page (sort of center from the box, say five equations I like the label to be on the same line as the third equation) I would...