1. C

    Blocks Scientific Calculator (and a bit of discussion about calculators)

    Hello (Hi) As new member to this forum, I would like to share you my humble contribution to the world of calculators. It is an android app I developed after my experience with calculators during my studies, and I hope it can make computations on such devices easier for some people. I have...
  2. P

    Fitting Blocks into Boxes Problem

    I have a problem that I need to make a computer algorithm to solve. I thought someone here might be able to give me some ideas. The basic problem is this: There are 3 children each with their own box. -George's box is 20 inches tall. -Thomas' box is 8 inches tall. -Abe's box is 7 inches tall...
  3. C

    Discrete Correlation Function/ Bayesian Blocks

    Hello, I have some time series data sets with gaps, and would like to stitch the data together to see seasonal trends. I have four sites where I collected underwater noise data and porpoise presence data for ~ 1 week each month for over a year. The noise samples are separated by ~30 minutes...
  4. M

    If 2 cm thick glass blocks 40% of the light how much 1 cm thick blocks

    This is such a stupid problem, but my brain is completely locked when I try to figure out the rationale for why it is A or B. A it is 20%, because 1 cm is 50% of 2 cm and 20% is 50% of 40%. or B it is 1-0.6^0.5=0.22.. ~22% because the 2 cm thick lets 60% in and the 1 cm is half of it, so that...
  5. J

    Graphy Theory Question about Blocks

    Hi how would you go about solving the following question: Prove that if G is a graph of order n >= 3 with delta(G) >= n/2, then G is a block.(Thinking) Thanks!
  6. MathVideos

    Video: The Building Blocks of Algebra In this video, I explain basic algebra on the most basic level. I hope to make 1 video a week on some academic subject. They will mostly center around math and science. Any feedback or advice for future videos will be welcomed.
  7. O

    Physics Problem: Two blocks stacked

    There are two blocks, one on top of the other. The top block has a mass of 5kg and the bottom block has a mass of 12kg. The bottom block rests on a frictionless plain, but the coefficient of friction between the two blocks is 0.6. What minimum force applied on the bottom block is required to get...
  8. R

    Total number of codes generated from 8 bit blocks

    I have a question(and answer) for an assignment in my Cryptography course but I am having a hard time communicating my answer in terms that are mathematically sound. Take an n block of bits message. Split this block of bits into 8 bit sections(assume that 8 divides n). For each 8 bit block we...
  9. S

    Random blocks that fit together

    I'm trying to write a JavaScript function that randomly fills a rectangular space with small rectangles of different sizes. Something like this: The problem is calculating their sizes and positions. I need them to fit together so that there isn't much "white space" left over. A constant...
  10. bkarpuz

    Jordan blocks

    Dear MHF members, my problem reads as follows. I have some ideas about some parts of the problem but I would like to share it completely because I find the problem nice. Problem. Consider the system \mathbf{X}^{\prime}=\mathbf{A}\mathbf{X}, where \mathbf{A} is a 30\times30 constant matrix with...
  11. T

    Number of blocks possible?

    A city has a grid pattern, with 10 streets running north/south and 20 streets running east/west. What is the mimimum numver of blocks you have to walk to get from the the northwest corner to the southeast corner. How many ways can you get there walking this minimum number of blocks? I assume...
  12. tedii

    Code blocks?

    I looked in the faq section under "how do I...?" but did not see this. How do I put text in a code block so it does not execute?
  13. M

    triangular blocks problem

    the lowest row has 198 triangular blocks.For each of the other rows,the number of triangular blocks are 4 more than in the above row.Joe builds a triangular blocks in this way.The number of triangular blocks in the top row is 2. a)Calculate the number of rows in this arrangement b)If the...
  14. V

    Algebra blocks

    What algebra blocks would you need to order from the Math Warehouse so that you can build a square whose edges are all X + 4 units long? Vicky.
  15. D

    Permutations question - 4k blocks

    Hi Folks, I'm not a student - but investigating the theoretical side of my work appears to have lead me to mathematics. So, I have a question and I hope I'm in the right section . I'm happy to receive a straight answer but would also like to learn how the answer was derived so I can do it...
  16. T

    physics-static friction + kinetic friction between blocks

    I have two masses (m1, m2) stacked on top of each other, then stacked on a table. m1 is on top of m2 and m1 weighs 5.4kg. m2 is between m1 and the table and weighs 15.5kg. the static friction between m1 and m2 is .3 where the kinetic is .1 the static friction between m2 and the table is .5...
  17. A

    Blocks of wood puzzle?

    Four identical blocks of wood are placed touching a table in the positions shown. How high is the table?