1. K

    Using Bayes Theorem in Blackjack

    Hello forum, I was wondering if you could help me with a part of an article I read. The article is on using Markov Chains in the game of Blackjack/21. It is assumed that the chance of drawing any card from the deck is 1/13, which is a fair assumption when many decks are involved. The paper is...
  2. A

    Blackjack math

    Hey guys, Anyone here familiar with blackjack mathematics? I came across a series of threads at another forum where a guy is trying to convince people that he's developed a better betting method than basic strategy. I haven't cracked open a math book in a decade but to me his system looks like...
  3. oldguynewstudent

    Blackjack hands

    How many hands are there in which the face-down card is an ace and the face-up card is not a heart? There are 4 ways to choose an ace times 39 ways to choose not a heart, then subtract out the combinations of two ace of spades, two ace of diamonds and two ace of clubs. This gives 4*39 - 3 =...
  4. Q

    The Mathematics in BlackJack Basic Strategy

    I am doing a school project about the mathematics involved in card games, and I thought the basic strategy of BlackJack would be a great subject to touch on. For things like the basic strategy charts, what kind of math was used to generate the best possible moves. Now, I know that these are...
  5. S

    Blackjack Project

    I'm doing an applied mathematics project on the math behind Basic Blackjack Strategy. I've looked all over (google, multiple academic databases, math specific websites, etc), and yet I can't seem to find anything that explains HOW basic strategy was developed, or that explains the...
  6. G

    Need Blackjack Spreadsheet

    I have all the numbers, but need to have a spreadsheet (must do per my numbers) to reflect/validate outcomes and pays per prob of play. I am happy to pay a fee for the work. What I have is not sufficient.
  7. E

    Calculating Probability of Push on 12 vs 2 (Blackjack)

    Hi Everyone, I know, by wrote, that in BJ Basic Strategy, that we are to hit 12 vs 2 due to the 5%~ chance of a push (tie). We are also supposed to hit 12 vs 3, again because of the push (although the chance percentage differs slightly here). I'm racking my brain to find the formula to...
  8. B

    Mini Blackjack Game

    A game of Blackjack is played, with only the cards A,2,3,4,5,K used. A King counts as 5, and the ace counts as 1 or 6. We play up to 11, rather than 21, and the dealer must stick on a 9, 10 or 11. Dealer plays with one card shown, one card face down as normal. On a draw, money is returned to...
  9. N

    Blackjack odds

    Do player odds increase with more players at the table in single deck blackjack? (Please show math to explain.) Thanks
  10. V

    Number of players at blackjack table

    I got in a discussion today about weather the number of players at a blackjack table increases, decreases, or does not change the odds of the player winning a hand against the dealer. We could not come to a conclusion and would like to know if someone could explain to us the answer with any...
  11. C

    Advanced Blackjack Probability

    Any one want to do some serious work on figuring out indexes for a blackjack game?
  12. A

    frequency of a true count 8 decks blackjack

    I read online that the frequency of a +5 true count with 8 decks good penetration is 3.45% Does anyone know the formula, I'd like to plug in other numbers
  13. D

    Gambling - Blackjack

    I have a question about blackjack (or Spanish 21, which is what I would play, but it's pretty much the same thing). What's to stop someone from doing the following: Bet $10; if you lose, Bet $20; if you lose, Bet $40; if you lose, Bet $80; if you lose, Bet $160; if you lose, Bet...
  14. K

    blackjack proabability question

    suppose that you are playing blackjack against a dealer. in freshly shuffled deck, what is the probability that neither you nor the dealer is dealt a blackjack?
  15. S

    Odds in Blackjack

    Question : In the game of 'Blackjack' or '21' what are the odds of making a hand: 17, 18, 19, 20 and also 14, using 6 or 8 standard deck of 52 cards? Example: 10+7; 11(ace)+6; 8+6+3; 9+8; etc. 10+4; 9+5; 8+6; 7+7; 10+2+2; etc. 8+2+6+4; 10+10; 9+5+6; etc.
  16. bdj

    Probability of Blackjack

    What are the chances of getting 21?