1. P

    Fibonacci Seq bit string proof. Show that pattern can't have three consecutive 1s

    I'm having a little trouble figuring out how to prove this. So, the sequence is as follows: S0 = 0 S1 = 1 S(n-2)S(n-1) for all n >= 2 That means S2 = 10 S3 = 101 S4 = 10110 S5 = 10110101 Now the question that I'm stuck on is: Prove that the pattern can't have three consecutive ones...
  2. C

    Blocks Scientific Calculator (and a bit of discussion about calculators)

    Hello (Hi) As new member to this forum, I would like to share you my humble contribution to the world of calculators. It is an android app I developed after my experience with calculators during my studies, and I hope it can make computations on such devices easier for some people. I have...
  3. alexmahone

    How many bit strings?

    How many bit strings contain exactly eight 0s and 10 1s if every 0 must be immediately followed by a 1?
  4. J

    Redesigning a questionnaire (a bit long...)

    A quick background: I am trying to evaluate a questionnaire used to asses patients. It is used around the world to establish whether a patients suffers from a certain condition, or not. It is filled in by an assessor (typically a nurse) based on the patient's performance. It consists of 22...
  5. M

    Bit Shifting Calculator

    One more calculator that uses the binary method to determine Bit Shift Left and Bit Shift Right Bit Shifting Calculator
  6. H

    Could use a bit of help, just want to make sure I'm doing this right.

    Hey all, just joined up. Long story short I took a break from college for personal reasons and now that I feel I'm ready to return after 2 years I must retake my entry exams. I'm thrilled this time because instead of just gauging what you know from your test scores they're actually encouraging...
  7. H

    Bit Operations

    Hey Guys, can i have a hand with this question its difficult for me. Bit masking has a task. They are used in order to access specific bits in a byte of data. Using the 8-bit binary number “1001 1101”: Turn off the 2 bits (masking bits to 0) on each side, and then leave...
  8. T

    Need a little bit of help with this geometric sequence.

    I am having trouble figuring out what r equals in an=a1rn-1 with the given information. a2 = 7, a4 = 1575. After I get r, it should not be to difficult to get a1 and then the actual formula for any given term. Thank you!
  9. N

    Sorensen and I'm going on and give a little bit now and then a

    Sorensen and I'm going on and give a little bit now and then a littlebit today in summary portion I was like to tell people that the more performance is that it gets a littlebetter every time since the third timed for the day as section few this weeksaid there should be Lavish Skincare...
  10. F

    Bit error probability of 10 averaged samples

    Here's the scenario: A transmitted signal sends 0 or 1 at every bit interval. 0 and 1 are equally probably (0.5 each). Bit 1 is transmitted as a 1V signal and bit 0 is transmitted as a -1V signal. The receiver receives the signal in addition to a Gaussian white noise of 0 mean and variance of...
  11. L

    Hexadecimal Addition with the Carry bit on the end?

    Hi, I'm trying to add two hexadecimal numbers, FE20 and 0A3F. I thought I should be getting a group of 4 hexadecimal numbers in my answer (this is out of the Computer Systems 4th Edition textbook by Warford). I've attached an image of the problem. I'm working on 6e and the computer system this...
  12. M

    Analysis question- a bit difficult!

    For each integer n>=0, let [a_n, b_n] be a closed, bounded interval in R (real numbers) such that a_n <= b_n (a_n is greater than equal to b_n). Suppose that the resulting collection of intervals is pairwise disjoint, that is if n =/ m (n is not equal to m), then the intersection of [a_n, b_n]...
  13. RobertXIV

    Cache Problem - Bit Addressing/Miss Rate

    Hi... I don't know if this is appropriate whatsoever or if anyone here will have the knowledge necessary to help me, but I have this cache problem and I honestly have no clue what it is asking me. Here's the question: "Consider a video streaming workload that accesses a 16MB working set...
  14. B

    Linear Transform Question that has me a bit confused.

    I'm sure this is a super easy question but I'm not entirely sure what these people are talking about in this section. Let \varepsilon =\{e_1 , e_2, e_3\} be a standard basis for \mathbb{R}{^3}. Let \beta=\{b_1 , b_2, b_3\} for a vector space V. And let T:\mathbb{R}\rightarrow{V} be a linear...
  15. D

    A little bit of set theory

    I'm given an open set O, a closed set F, and an arbitrary set E; where E is a subset of O and F is a subset of E. Is it true that O~F = (E~F) union (O~E)?
  16. C

    Sigma Notation. I got the answer but still a little bit confused how i got there.

    Can some one please help me with this question? I have answered it already although do not understand each stage. Such as the first 8 for example. Rather than carry on I would like some clarification on how I got there and why.
  17. L

    Write the bit pattern for the decimal value

    Assuming a three-bit exponent field and a four-bit significand, write the bit pattern for the following decimal values: (a) -12.5 (b) 13.0 (c) 0.43 (d) 0.1015625 Here are the answers I got for each: (a) 1 110 1010 (b) 1 110 1010 (c) 0 001 1011 (d) 0 000 1101 I don't know how...
  18. Paze

    Need a bit of help understanding optimization problem

    Hi MHF. I have an optimization problem: A farmer can purchase two types of food products for his horses, one is called Lingo and the other is called Bingo. Each bag of Lingo contains: 20gr of fats, 30gr of carbs and 5gr of proteins. Each bag of Bingo contains: 10gr of fats, 30gr of carbs and...
  19. O

    Trying to solve an equation, but a bit confused with changing of signs

    It's been a loooong time since I've worked on math and I am stuck trying to solve an equation from my algebra class. Directions read, "Solve the equation:" t / t - 10 = t + 10 / 15 I determined the LCD to be 15(t-10). Clearing fractions by multiplying both sides of the equation by the LCD...
  20. S

    Little bit of algebra help.

    Simplify the following and collect the like terms: 5(x - 8) - 8(3x - 4)(6x + 8) I know i have to do the foil thing for the last part but what do I do with the -8? Cause from the first part you get: 5x - 40 Then I know I have to do the 3x * 6x then 3x * 8 then -4 * 6x and then -4 * 8. Am I...