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    Could use some help finding the Time complexity in Big Theta notation of some code

    sum = 0 ; for ( i = 0 ; i < n ; i++ ) for ( j = 1 ; j < n^4 ; j = 4*j ) sum++ ; How would I go about finding the time complexity in big theta notation in terms of n for this algorithm? Thanks, I appreciate any help!
  2. T

    Big Oh Notation

    How can I prove or disprove this? Thanks in advance...
  3. M

    Big question about $P(X=n)$ for $n\in \{0,1,\dots, 7\}$

    (Undeleted) Let's say that we are playing a game, say Joker. A socalled Joker-number has a seven digit number, where every digit is one of the numbers, $0, 1,\dots, 9$. When playing Joker, you have a number that should be as close to the Joker-number as possible: the "right digit" is defined...
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    minor here big find to me

    to the violence between the Kurdish separatist PKK militants and the Turkish government, and had been due to start at 12:00 local time.The pro-Kurdish HDP party was among those attending, and it said in a statement that it believes its members were the main targe Broncos vs Raiders Live...
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    In triangle, 1 angle is twice as big as 1 angle and 3/4 the size of the other. Help!

    In a triangle (180 degrees), one angle is twice as big as one angle and 3/4 the size of the other. What is the measure of the smallest angle? How would you solve this? I have tried working backwards (as in, from the answers) but to no avail. There are too many variables? Choices: 48 96 98 72...
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    Big O notation.

    I am creating a sorting program using an insertion sort for my coursework which i believe has a best, worst and average time order of O(n), O(n^2) and O(n^2) where n is the unsorted list size. However I am using four functions with while loops which will each operate n times before the insertion...
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    Times especially some BS chronic disease I'm a big fan about having them

    Times especially some BS chronic disease I'm a big fan about having them do things like coffee enemas I'm to really flush their system obviously we got to 6 the guy I with a certain you know it your check diets that national when actually fixing the guy on certain supplements can be helpful but...
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    Question about computing primitive roots modulo p for very big prime p

    Greetings, If p is big prime, how do we find a primitive root modulo p? Since p-1 is not prime, it's quite probable that (Z/pZ)* will contain subgroups and that some elements will generate only a subgroup of (Z/pZ)*. The Wikipedia says that there is no exact algorithm and it's all basically...
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    Big O and Omega help

    1. Use the definition to show that f (x)= 2x^4 + 3x + 1 is O(x^4) 2. Use the definition to show that f (x) = 2x^4 + 3x + 1 is Omega (x^4)
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    hypothesis test for popluation mean using big samples ( unknown varaiance)

    i am confused with the notes from two different books. in the first photo, the book use the SAMPLE VARIANCE to proceed , while in the second and third photo , the author use ESTIMATED VARIANCE from SAMPLE VARAIANCE to proceed, which is correct? can someone explain?
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    big rush for the math

    Florida State vs Syracuse live stream Oklahoma vs Texas live stream Georgia vs Missouri live stream Georgia Tech vs Duke live stream Mississippi State vs Auburn live stream TCU vs Baylor live stream Notre Dame vs North Carolina live stream Oregon vs UCLA live stream
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    how to find sets/combination for big numbers .

    Hi All, i want to find out set/case in following situation. there are three number.{1,2,3} "1" has too options,(exist or not exists and it will be less than "3") "2" has four options, it can be less than "1" , greater than "1" and less than "3", greater than "3" and exist or not exist...
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    I is a and about a big do you know whether

    That deeply but I don't want to be disrespectful Molly how can I help you tied up to a cell yes ma'am yes at this question is actually for my niece she spoke years old and backing a pro she had an infection so adopted perfect from Seoul for yes and after she took effect until she became...
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    Rearranging an equation. A big equation.

    Hello, I am working on a project, and I have an equation that i need to rearrange in terms of x. The equation: z = x (r sqrt(1-x^2/(4 r^2))-r+y)+0.5 r^2 (2 sin^(-1)(x/(2 r))-sin(2 sin^(-1)(x/(2 r)))) Which is the area of the given shape (basically a rectangle with a sector spliced on top)...
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    Big and small plates at a party... (maybe multiples or factors.... i'm not sure)

    If anyone, could help me with these I m confused. Thanks! Some fairy cakes are delivered for Janey's party. Janey can use big plates or small plates to put the cakes on. If she uses big plates she can put 7 cakes on each plate with 5 left over. If she uses small plates she can put 5...
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    Defining Big Intersection

    Hi guys. I completely understand the definition for the intersection between two or more sets, but this definition just does not make sense. If M is a set of sets. For all A which are an element of M, x is an element of A. Isn't that the exact same thing as the union? Am I reading this wrong...
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    Help with Big O Notation

    Hi all, I urgently need help with below, have two questions (one based on the original algorithm and a second set of questions based on what I want to do) and would greatly appreciate if someone could help me with them: Original algorithm: I have an implementation of a greedy routing...
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    Re: Big O problem 2

    I have one more problem. Arrange the functions 2^100n, 2^n^2, 2^n!, 2^2^n, n^logn, nlogn loglogn, n^3/2, n(logn)^3/2, and n^4/3(logn)^2 in a list so that each function is big-O of the next function. [Hint: To determine the relative size of some of these functions, take logarithms.] Some of...
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    Big O problem

    What is the big 0 of (2^n+n^2)(n^3+3^n). I get that I foil this out. If I did this correctly, I get that this is O(6^n). Is this right or did I mess up somewhere?
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    big O witnesses

    Q)to establish the big O relationship ,find witnesses C and K for the function f(n)=13n^3 +42n^2+2nlogn +4n solution: i try to solve it as when nlogn>n and n^2>nlogn and n^3>n^2 13n^3 +42n^2+2nlogn +4n<=13n^3 +42n^2 +2nlogn +4nlogn<=13n^3+42n^3+2n^3+4n^3<=61n^3 so witnesses are C=61 k=nlogn...