1. J

    help needed hope this belongs in this forum

    not sure if enough information is given but here goes Movie theatre 2013 number of people attending in 2013 = x1 avg ticket price = y1 2013 revenues x1*y1 = 30.6Million 2014 number of people attending in 2014 = x2 avg ticket price = y2 2014 revenues x2* y2 = 28Million Revenue...
  2. M

    Probability that a value belongs to a dataset

    G-day Math help forum, once again i find myself in need of your collective knowledge... I'm utterly stuck on a problem, and have been for some time now, wherein I need to calculate the % probability that a new value belongs to a particular dataset. I only have the subject value and the values...
  3. T

    Complex numbers: Show z belongs to R

    Could you let me know if I proved this correctly ? Hope the text is readable enough
  4. M

    counting principles (not sure what forum this belongs on, hoping someone can help plz

    So i've jumped midway into a course and there are one or two topics I was never there for. On a take home review for me to know what kind of problems to expect on an upcoming test there were the following two problems that I wasn't sure how to approach: 1) suppose we have an alphabet A = {a...
  5. H

    Show that if n belongs to N, and: An: = (1 + 1/n)^n then An > An+1 for all natural n

    Show that if n belongs to N, and: An: = (1 + 1/n)^n then An < An+1 for all natural n. (Hint, look at the ratios An+1/An, and use Bernoulli's inequality) I think i have a vague idea of what to do here, like im sure induction is involved in this proof/ However, im unsure how bernoullis...
  6. W

    Name the sets of numbers to which each number belongs?

    Well yeah I just started Algebra II this year. I don't really understand this yet. Can someone do a couple of these? and then explain? I just scanned it into my computer. Here's what I can use: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
  7. Also sprach Zarathustra

    I am hope that my question belongs here.

    Let x be a rational number in (113/191 ,184/311). Find x=a/b when is known that a<400. { 113/191 < a/b < 184/311 }
  8. A

    Testing if a property belongs to all members of a set without trying each one

    Assume the following assertions: a, b and c are positive integers. b > 1 b^{\lceil\log_b(2^a)\rceil} \geq 2^a 8c \leq a Given a and b, is there a way to test that \lceil\log_b(2^{8c})\rceil < \lceil\log_b(2^{8(c+1)})\rceil is true for all possible values of c, without trying each one...
  9. J

    Make sure your thread belongs here. READ BEFORE POSTING

    This forum is for basic math questions relating to any sort of arithmetic, solving for x problems, 2-d graphing, logarithms and things like this. If your question contains anything concerning limits, end behavior or basic function analysis put it in the Pre-Calc forum. If you question has...
  10. A

    Draw a right triangle that belongs to this description

    Hello, I'm taking an online course for Math, and I'm lost. Any suggestions? Thanks you. 1)TriangleJKL, where tanJ =1/2 and angleK = 90degrees 2)Show the measure of each side and each angle of the triangle.
  11. J

    Make sure your post belongs here

    Lately there have been a ridiculous amount of off-topic threads put in this subforum, so I want to take the time to remind everyone that this is a very specific subforum meant for advanced algebra only. Basic algebra questions should be placed in the pre-university subforum. If your algebra...
  12. M

    Checking integer value belongs to interval

    Hello, how can I let matlab check if a given integer z belongs to the interval [-1,1]?
  13. B

    idempotent elements of R belongs to cent(R)

    If R is a ring which has no nonzero nilpotent elements, deduce that all idempotent elements of R belongs to cent(R). Thanks in advance.
  14. J

    im not sure if this belongs here

    But i came across this problem and i cant seem to understand how to answer. Pressure = force / unit area Pressure = weight / unit area The weight i was told to use was 175bs. Scenario - you are standing on one square foot-12" on a side. 1) What is your pressure in pounds per...
  15. G

    I think this belongs here??

    Hey all, im having troubles solving an equation, and this is where i have got to with it and iam stuck: solve for y 28.68 = (15y)(15y/15+2y)^(2/3) ive been trying to work it out for hours! i believe the answer should be between 2.9 and 5 can anyone help?
  16. OReilly

    Does line belongs to plane?

    I have to prove this: If p and q are two parallel lines, line p doesn't intersect plane alpha, and line q and plane alpha have at least one common point, prove that line q belongs to plane alpha. My proof: Lines p and q determine one plane beta. Then planes alpha and beta have one...