1. T

    Beam Question - Bending Moment and Max Stress

    Hi All, new to the forum so go easy! Im currently working on this question which I am half managing, but need some guidance if possible. A beam of rectangular cross section 200 mm deep and 100 mm wide. The beam is 3m long, simply supported at either end and carries point loads of 5Kn 1m from...
  2. K

    Yoga Tab 3 Pro with built-in 70-inch beam projector!!

    Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro amazing Tab with built-in 70-inch beam projector packs 10-inch Quad-HD Display with 299ppi, powered by Intel Atom x5-Z8500 processor, 13MP auto focus rear camera, 2GB LPDDR3 RAM, 16GB / 32GB internal memory, 4G LTE support and runs Android 5.1 Lollipop OS. Project Runway...
  3. K

    Mechanical engineering - beam reactions

    Hello. I am new in this forum. I have got a question about a beam support reactions. Here is the problem: I have got a beam, which is: 6 meters long, with fixed support at point B in sixth meter(on the right side of beam). The force F is acting at the "beginning" of the beam, at point A. The...
  4. madmax29

    Beam deflection equation - need help with working

    I have an exam in January, and going through some problems in my book I came across this formula with an answer, but no matter what maths rules I use I cannot get the answer given on the next line for x, can someone help please, I need to solve the large equation to get x=?L
  5. A

    Finding approximate area of square traced by beam of light

    I want to find area of a square which is traced by the beam of a light. Let's say angle between the beam of light is \theta. Now the beam will be in shape of triangle on the square. We can easily find the area of the area covered by beam from the square by finding out the intersection points...
  6. C

    Help Needed Please. Beam Calculations

    Please see attached sheet for the help required. I have an answer of 15KN and the length as 2.667. Please can anyone help and show workings out so I can use it as a check, Many Thanks.
  7. P

    beam equation

    Solve equation: -u_{xxxx}(x,t)=\lambda u(x,t), 0<x<L u(0)=u(L)=0 , u_{xx}(0)=u_{xx}(L)=0
  8. D

    Cantilever beam: Solving for reaction forces

    Would anyone be able to assist me in solving this puzzle? It should be simple, though I have no background in physics or math. So here's the situation. Imagine you have a 5 meter long cantilever beam, with a 100kg man standing at 4.6498985 meters from the wall. A crane hook is attached to the...
  9. V

    Triangular load on a two-point support beam

    Ok this is going to be a little hard to explain since my "math english" isn't that good. We know that the amount the two point support beam bends under the net force P of the triangular load is 0<=x<=L where e and i are positive constants associated to the support beam's material and...
  10. S

    stiffness of a beam question

    Hi, I'm having a hard time with this question. the stiffness of a beam is proportional to it's width times the cube of it's depth. What are the dimensions of the stiffest beam you an produce from a beam 12" in diameter. So I draw a rectangle inside a circle, and the diagonal inside the...
  11. C

    Deflection of beam. Efect of % errors in span and load data.

    OK so I'm practicsing some of the questions out of my text book for when I start my course in 2 weeks and finding this one pretty difficult, but here it goes. Bestend Properties is refurbishing an old hospital that was built in the 1950's. The building's main structure is a steel frame. The...
  12. P

    Dynamics of a beam

    Relevant to the dynamics of a beam, consider the fourth order linear differential operator. L=\frac{d^4}{dx^4} a. Show that uLv - vLu is an exact differential. It is a differential of an expression with four terms, each term a product of u and v or their derivatives. b. Evaluate \int...
  13. S

    beam design

    a beam with an effective span of 8.2m is required to carry uniformly disributed loading of gk = 12 kNm-1(in additon to its own self weight) and qk = 10kNm-1. design a suiable reinforced concrete beam using strength class C30 concrete and high yield reinforcement i have worked a lot on this...
  14. S

    ODE applications to a beam with uniform cross sectional areas

    Would someone be able to help me with the attached problem as well? Thank you again!!
  15. S

    Determine polynomial given the ODE

    A beam with uniform cross-section A, but variable modulus of elasticity E(x) is vibrating freely. Its governing ODE reads (d^2/dx^2)(EId^2/dx^2)-(rho)A(omega)^2W=0 (a) Find polynomial of 4th degree that satisfies the four boundary conditions W(0) = 0, W"(0) = 0, W(L) = 0, W"(L) = 0 (b)...
  16. S

    Applied Math: Beam Deflection using Separation of Variables

    Beam's dynamic deflection is governed by the following PDE EI(∂^4w/∂x^4)+(rho)*A* (∂^2w/∂t^2)=f(x,t) where E = the modulus of elasticity, I = the moment of inertia, p = mass density, A = cross-section area, w(x,t) = deflection, 0 ≤ x ≤ L = axial coordinate, L = length, t = time. The load is...
  17. S

    Bending moment for a Beam

    a simply supported beam of a span 8.0m carriers a design load of 30kN/m. a)write an expression for the bending moment, M, at a section which is at a distance of x from a support b)Express the engineers bending eqaution as a differential equation relating the vertical deflection, y, of the...
  18. J

    safe workind laod of a beam

    Hey guys and girls i wonder if you could help me out with this question, ive spent hours on it and got no where (Crying) A beam has a solid square cross section of 100mm and is simply supported by two beam supports 3m apart. calualate the dead load that can be safely upported when appied to the...
  19. P

    Classify the beam

    Hello i have to classify these beam (characteristics, types), i'd like to ask your help thank you a) y+3k-k=0 b) c)k(2x-1)=y+3k d) e) f)
  20. I

    elliptical footprint of a round beam

    Hi, I have some problems with a basic geometric problem (it is a long time ago I had some mathematics) How do I calculate the surface area of a elliptical footprint of a beam that falls into the surface under a 45 degree angle? I only have the diameter D of the incident beam. I got: sqrt(2)...